Obama’s bad analogies

We’ve seen about every strategy Obama can use, Constitutional or not, to preserve his namesake program and its governmental force. Yesterday he gave a speech to draw a comparison of Apple’s I-Phone to his program. One with the force of government to buy it, and the other can never meet demand — one makes money the other continually spends or loses it.

Whoopee, Obama makes another nonsensical comparison. What else is new? He likes making comparisons, like going to a dinner with Republicans who walk out on the bill. That one was as corrupted as his policies. He likes to compare Republicans or their plans to anything.

Remember the car in the ditch? Yeah, he proceeded to take the car, stick the gas to the floor and head straight off the fiscal cliff. He blamed Republicans for not stopping him. Then he complains about the damage to the car and the consequences. Not to forget all his terrorism comparisons, hostage taking … from a guy who never wanted to use the word terrorism, even for Benghazi.

It’s funny he is so creative. How come he never compares anything to golf, since that is where he spends so much time? He avoids golf analogies. Meanwhile, he sure has been given enough “mulligans”. But he hasn’t managed any “hole in ones”.

Even to a possibly staged photo.

Obama hates Tea Parties but loves him some “Tee time”.

3 comments on “Obama’s bad analogies

  1. bullright says:

    A layman’s guide to O’s bad analogies. (or maybe an alien’s guide)

    ‘If I get this thing on the road, I’ll show you what I can do….’


  2. Hardnox says:

    The only “hole in one’ that zero is getting is from Reggie Love.



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