Obama’s shutdown letter to government

Obama sent this letter to government employees. In it he says

“You do all this in a political climate that, too often in recent years, has treated you like a punching bag. You have endured three years of a federal pay freeze, harmful sequester cuts, and now, a shutdown of our government. …None of this is fair to you.

This shutdown was completely preventable. It should not have happened. And the House of Representatives can end it as soon as it follows the Senate’s lead, and funds your work in the United States Government without trying to attach highly controversial and partisan measures in the process.

So while the budget fights in Washington are too often partisan, your service to the country should never be.[There’s a whopper]

…And I will do everything in my power to get the House of Representative to allow our government to reopen as quickly as possible, and receive the pay that you have earned. “

Can you count the lies in just the last statement? Could he politicize this government any more than he has? – something he should never do.

He told CNBC, on the debt ceiling:

“this time I think Wall Street should be concerned,” Obama said….”When you have a situation in which a faction is willing to default on U.S. obligations, then we are in trouble,” Obama said.

He claims he bent over backwards in his presidency to work with Republicans and kept his rhetoric low, deliberately. Then he added that Republicans are threatening to “burn the house down”. He cannot go a paragraph without contradicting himself as the hypocrite in chief.

We were “in trouble” the minute America elected a radical to the highest office, and have been stuck there ever since.

6 comments on “Obama’s shutdown letter to government

  1. bullright says:

    Obama in Rockville :

    This time, they are threatening to actually force the United States to default on its obligations for the very first time in history. Now, you’ll hear John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and these other Republicans say, we don’t want to default. But everybody knows — it’s written about in all the papers — that their basic theory is, okay, if the shutdown doesn’t work, then we are going to try to get some extra concessions out of the President. We’ll put like a long laundry list, all the things that we want that we can’t get passed on our own. And if we don’t get it, we’ll tell them we don’t — we won’t vote to pay the country’s bills. We’ll let the country default.

    I’m not just making this up. I mean, it’s common knowledge. Every reporter here knows it. “


    • bullright says:

      Fed Employees back pay (as we knew)

        Rep. Michael Turner, R-Ohio, said federal workers shouldn’t have to worry about paying their bills while Congress and the White House fight over funding the government.

        “They have child care expenses, house payments to make, kids that are in college, and while the president refuses to negotiate, while he’s playing politics, they shouldn’t worry about whether or not they can make ends meet,” Turner said.

      But I guess its alright that everyone else has to worry about expenses and their economic survival, and their future under the burdens of ObamaCare and the federal Leviathan. How they can meet their expenses under the forced expenses of ObamaCare. Well, there is no help for them — hundreds of millions of victims at the hands of the Federal Government. Just so long as they back pay the federal employees……


  2. bullright says:

    Why would any percentage of 325 million people believe anything Obama says?



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