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The Survey Says: doctors resisting ObmaCare

    New and interesting survey results on NY doctors are overwhelmingly negative. I suppose this will be another group on the list to get the Chicago bully treatment. Who else can they bully to shut down their voice of resistance?

Note to Virginia: don’t get Corzined

    I finally put my finger on who McAuliffe reminds me of – defunct fmr. NJ Governor, Jon Corzine.
    Not in looks but, in my opinion, if Virginia elected McAuliffe he would be just like a Corzine rewind.

Responsibility and Accountability – surely you jest!

If all these people are losing their medical coverage, then someone should be losing their job. (plural) That’s logical.

Democrats version of taking responsibility is Hillary Clinton — the gold standard for taking evading responsibility.

How is it that all these officials come out to say they take full responsibility and yet none of them ever do? That sounds like something Andy Rooney might say.

Cair sets stage for Greenwald appearance and media

Next month, America will be treated to an Islam-fest, compliments of CAIR. On the stage as keynote speaker is Greenwald, the reporter behind the NSA leaks story.

The twisted irony is that if NSA monitors Greewald closely, it would point them right back to the greatest threat to America, outside our subversive ‘heads in the sand’ government.

Cars and ObamaCare’s Utopia Special

Suppose you had a car you were happy with and planned on keeping it as long as you could. It fits you perfectly. Then you receive notice that your car will be illegal in 90 days but, no problem, you can come and buy a new one that costs twice as much, they say. Probably the Government will give you a couple bucks toward it, for the time being anyway.

You tell them but I like this car and wanted to keep it. They say, “tough, it will become illegal and obsolete.

Ailing US Investment gets boost from energy

This might be a tough article without the nice graphs and using a progressive report for this. But hold on to your oysters because I think no matter the source, the message is pretty clear. If not, there are plenty of other sources, even better ones.

In a report from Progressive Policy Institute titled “US investment heroes of 2013: the companies betting on America’s future”, the underlying point though is:

“total domestic investment fell drastically during
the recession and has yet to fully recover.”

But its billed as the heroes investing in America, based largely on 2012.

ObamaCare is a failure… but don’t blame DMV

I had enough of seeing the ObamaCare failures and comparing it to the DMV. It has been used all over the media. DMV is a good punch line, I get it. I don’t want to give ObamaCare a pass. I’ll just say what some people must be thinking.

Obamacare is bad and DMV is bad, agreed, bureaucracy is bad. But come on, at least when you go to DMV you come out with a registration or something. I know, the service stinks but they have live people waiting on you. Alright, so probably four times as many as they need… but still live people.

Truth gushes out depite liberal dams

Anna Gorman and Julie Appleby Kaiser Health News

Health plans are sending hundreds of thousands of cancellation letters to people who buy their own coverage, frustrating some consumers who want to keep what they have and forcing others to buy more costly policies.

Open secret: Washington’s Cosa Nostra

Washington’s open secret: Profitable PACs — 60 minutes report

I’ll only point out one of the many examples.

There are not enough ways to say outrage, prisoners getting paid by fed

Feds Paid Prisoners $1 Million in Disability Payments

Average received $2,322 each
BY: Elizabeth Harrington | October 21, 2013 | Freebeacon

The Social Security Administration (SSA) gave more than $1 million in improper disability benefits to 440 prisoners, according to the inspector general.

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