ACA full-throttle, Iran sanctions not so fast… delay, delay

White House Dividing Pro-Israel Leaders on Nuclear Iran

White House calling for delay in action on new sanctions

BY: Adam Kredo | Free Beacon
November 4, 2013 1:59 pm

Pro-Israel leaders on Monday expressed alarm over what they characterized as the Obama administration’s efforts to sow division among Jewish leaders in order to advance a policy that they say would permit Iran to cross the nuclear threshold.

Rifts emerged between the leaders of four top Jewish groups over the weekend following an “intense” meeting last week with National Security Adviser Susan Rice and other top officials at the White House, according to several insiders.

The Obama administration sought to enlist the pro-Israel leaders in their fight to delay Congress from passing a new round of Iran sanctions for at least two months as the West engages Tehran with nuclear talks.

Most of those present at the meeting quietly objected to such a delay. However, the administration’s allies soon began leaking information about a so-called “moratorium” on new sanctions efforts.

“Leaders of four major Jewish organizations have indicated to the Obama administration that they will have a 60-day moratorium during which they will refrain from conducting any public campaign urging Congress to strengthen U.S. sanctions against Iran,” the liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported late Friday.

The Anti-Defamation League’s Abraham Foxman also confirmed reports of a communal “time out” on Saturday, prompting a pitched response from others present in the meeting.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) said in a rare public statement on Saturday that it would not back down from its push for new sanctions.

“AIPAC continues to support congressional action to adopt legislation to further strengthen sanctions, and there will absolutely be no pause, delay or moratorium in our efforts,” AIPAC president Michael Kassen said in the statement.

“Until Iran suspends its enrichment program, additional sanctions are vital for diplomacy to succeed,” said Kassen, who noted that “diplomatic talks have been made possible because of the strong sanctions passed by Congress and implemented by the administration.”

The American Jewish Committee also denied reports that they had agreed to advocate a delay of new sanctions.

The public dispute between typically united pro-Israel groups led some insiders to criticize the White House for “trying to divide the Jewish community” in an attempt to “undermine congressional support for a new round of sanctions,” according to one senior Senate aide involved in the sanctions debate.

“The message we heard from the White House is clear—we don’t care if Israel lives or dies, we just want to cut a deal,” a senior Jewish official involved in Iran sanctions efforts said on Monday. “Another way to read the AIPAC statement is: ‘Go F yourselves.’” [emphasis mine]

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) executive director David Brog said that the administration is “making a terrible mistake” by pushing to delay new sanctions.
“The Obama administration is making a terrible mistake in opposing increased sanctions on Iran,” Brog said to the Free Beacon. “The pro-Israel community should know better than to be a party to this blunder.” …/

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Really, is it any wonder that there are these problems with Valerie Jarrett in the cockpit calling the shots in Obama’s ear? “Go __ yourselves” is a blunt, grammatically correct description. Obama sowing division? My Casablanca face is wearing thin.

6 comments on “ACA full-throttle, Iran sanctions not so fast… delay, delay

  1. clyde says:

    Be a bit late when that mushroom cloud goes off, won’t it? Good piece, Bull.


  2. --Rick says:

    Israel is its own sovereign nation and should act in its own rational self interest regardless of U.S. political pressures. Do we honestly believe that were Israel to apply pressure against what we believe was in the best interest of the United States, that President Obama would acquiesce?

    Nuke them at your leisure, Israel and screw Obama’s indignant blather. Once you stand up to him in any threatening way, he’ll back down as he usually does.



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