JFK: a big-spending big-government liberal- not.

JFK Museum Updates Exhibit Following Complaints by Conservative Author

Author: JFK was ‘tax-cutting, pro-growth politician’

BY: Alana Goodman | Free Beacon | October 18, 2013

The John F. Kennedy museum in Dallas told the Washington Free Beacon that it is planning to “completely update and revise” its permanent exhibit after a historian accused it of falsely depicting the 35th president as a big-government liberal.
Ira Stoll, author of JFK, Conservative, called on the Sixth Floor Museum last month to revise alleged “inaccuracies” in its exhibit regarding Kennedy’s views on social programs, the federal deficit, and tax policy.
The Sixth Floor Museum chronicles Kennedy’s legacy and his assassination in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.
Nicola Longford, executive director of the Sixth Floor Museum, said the permanent exhibit is 25 years old and in need of updating. She said the institution is planning a major overhaul after the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination next month.
“While Mr. Stoll has taken issues with the content of a few exhibit text panels, and encouraged priority attention for substantial updating and revision, it bears stating that this exhibit text is almost 25 years old,” said Longford. “Clearly the world has changed dramatically during this quarter century and now half century since the assassination.”
She added that the museum’s “intent has always been to completely update and revise our core exhibit post fiftieth anniversary (November 2013) and it is at this time that we will carefully review and consider all comments and recommendations.”
Stoll wrote in a letter to Longford that he was “troubled by some passages of the permanent exhibit text about Kennedy and his administration that struck me as inaccurate or misleading.”
He disputed the exhibit’s claim that “massive new social programs were central to Kennedy’s New Frontier philosophy,” calling it “just not true.”
“Kennedy was against ‘massive new social programs,’” wrote Stoll. “Kennedy described his own Medicare plan, accurately, not as ‘massive’ but rather as ‘a very modest proposal.’ And, as [Arthur] Schlesinger [Jr.] noted, he chose not to fight for even that.”
Stoll also took issue with a passage that refers to Kennedy’s “philosophy of using induced deficits to encourage domestic fiscal growth became a mainstay of American government under later administrations, both Democratic and Republican.”
According to Stoll, “Kennedy’s recipe for growth was not a deficit; it was a tax cut that, both by changing incentives and by putting more money in the hands of the private sector, would yield growth that would ultimately narrow the deficit by increasing federal revenues.”
Additionally, the exhibit discusses the positions of one of Kennedy’s liberal economic advisors, Walter Heller, without mentioning the views of Kennedy’s “more conservative Treasury Secretary, Douglas Dillon,” wrote Stoll.
He said Kennedy’s own statements and actual policies hewed closer to the conservative view.
“As for the idea that Kennedy’s deficits were a ‘radical departure’ from [President Dwight] Eisenhower’s balanced budgets, that is not supported by the evidence,” wrote Stoll. “Kennedy’s annual deficits—$3.3 billion in 1961, $7.1 billion in 1962, and $4.8 billion in 1963—were modest by modern standards and as a percentage of GDP.”
When contacted by the Free Beacon on Friday, Stoll praised the museum’s response to his letter.
“I’m thrilled to learn that, after receiving my letter based on the research in my book, JFK, Conservative, calling inaccuracies to their attention, the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas has announced plans to revise its exhibit text panels,” he said. “I hope the new exhibit text portrays JFK as closer to the real JFK I describe in my book—a tax-cutting, pro-growth politician who favored welfare reform, free trade, domestic spending restraint, and a balanced budget over the course of the business cycle.”
Stoll’s book, JFK, Conservative, was released on Oct. 15. It argues that the 35th president, idolized by liberal Democrats, was actually a conservative on economic and national security issues.

Shocked that they were caught revising and distorting JFK. But they are now going to remodel the exhibit. Revisionists caught again. The truth is the enemy of the left.

16 comments on “JFK: a big-spending big-government liberal- not.

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    Ain’t it amazing what happens when a little objectivity enters the room! Good post, Bullright. Thanx for bringing it to us.


  2. Hardnox says:

    Good post. Typical lefty drivel… re-writing history to suit their narrative. If JFK were alive today he’d be a republican.


  3. clyde says:

    Funny how liberals willfully distort history, then say “we’ll fix it”, when the ORIGINAL version was shitcanned in favor of what they THOUGHT. Or, was told by their “history” professors.


  4. “History is what we SAY it is…”

    —All Leftists, everywhere.


  5. Hey, BR: Since you’re on Twitter now, you REALLY need to update your site so your Twitter handle is included.
    I always change it for you, but most folks won’t.
    Just sayin’…

    Give me a shout, if you need some assistance.


  6. tannngl says:

    Not terribly surprised, froggy.
    Did you see where someone listed Lincoln as a Democrat? It was on a college plaque in Lincoln’s own home state!

    I really don’t think they do this stuff on purpose. I think they are just stupid.


    • bullright says:

      OH, I hadn’t seen or heard that one but it shouldn’t surprise me. They could be that stupid. But then how many people would know the difference? Considering Obama rewrote the definition of half of the presidents, it won’t be long before all truth is buried. I think there are some who know exactly what they are doing. But how many could be anyone’s guess?


    • bullright says:

      Wow, what utter nonsense. They actually defend the label. Ha, there is so much more to the term.


  7. Davetherave says:

    Great historical post Bull! Sorry I’m late, but my son is been pretty damn sick and that’s kept me busy.

    Even liberal rat bastards hate JFK, because he was NOT their typical puppet. He had the guts to say in public he was going to get the Fed Reserve under control due to them having too much power. Unfortunately his mouth got him killed. Not a great idea to take on the Fed Reserve and not be very well protected. NWO has a shit load of cash tied up in that POS organization.

    I personally liked JFK and believe he was the very last Demonrat prez that was worth a shit. The Demonrat presidents that have followed him aren’t worth the cow shit we wipe off our boots! Actually, neither are any the Demonrat presidents that preceded him…



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