Pelosi sends out signal flares, “Stay Tuned”

Fox: At a White House forum on Thursday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi suggested that President Obama will offer a proposal today on what the administration will do to accommodate Americans whose existing policies have been impacted by the Affordable Care Act. (Fox News)

Stay tuned … and just see what — it could be an administrative fix, it could be a legislative fix. I would rather it be done administratively because that can be done much more quickly without any accompanying agendas,” she said.

Naturally, Nancy prefers an “administrative fix”. She loves that executive power. Funny how during the ballyhooed “shutdown” they saw no need for changes, delays, or fixes of any sort. They were full speed ahead, icebergs be damned.

Actually, a delay would have been the biggest life preserver to Obama and his cohorts. Never mind that. Now Nan has everyone sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for some sort of “fix”.

Did someone inform her that the word fix is used when something is broken? “Stay tuned for the fix”… but I thought the fix was already in. I guess this is what happens when they have to pass something before we know what’s in it.

But the law is doing just what it was supposed to do, according to design and intent. So what she’s looking for is a political fix. (and you Demonoids thought it was about healthcare…yea, right)

9 comments on “Pelosi sends out signal flares, “Stay Tuned”

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    Excellent commentary. Bullright. And from my POV, prophetic since it preceded the Resident’s press conference, didn’t it?

    And I like your identification of the two definitions of “fix.”


  2. clyde says:

    The ONLY thing to “fix” this is a COMPLETE,TOTAL scrapping. Toss Piglosi in the heap for good measure, while you’re at it. Good one, Bull.


  3. Davetherave says:

    LOL…are there any elected officials from the state of the walking dead that is worth anything?? I can’t think of one and Pukelosi sure in the hell leads the pack.

    Pukelosi refused to back an amendment to lower the pay of those traitor bastards in DC stating it would weaken the official position of being a senator. LMFAO…need we need more about her stinky ass???



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