Bill Clinton was right and so was Jack Welch

Not often do you get the chance to agree with Bill Clinton and Jack Welsh at the same time.

In the 08 campaign, Clinton said: “this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.”
See video below for context.

Jack Welch: “Unbelievable jobs numbers. These Chicago guys will do anything… can’t debate so change the numbers.”(Tweet) The Labor Secretary called that statement “ludicrous”.

To believe those numbers, even according to a Heritage analyst, would mean that we were in a major economic boom. So not only were the numbers fudged, as we now see, but it implied the economy was booming.

It is not just that they lie but that they do it to such extremes. Then they ridicule anyone who questions the absurdity of it.

I hate to agree with Clinton or his politics, but back in 08 Bubba said, ‘this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.’ (and he’s probably seen his share of them) I had to give him credit in the larger context, even truer as time goes.

Numbers for unemployment were doctored by the census bureau leading up to the 2012 election. There’s a surprise. Even when people questioned it back then, the complaints were dismissed. Now its a known fact. We were being sold a fairy tale.

The Census employee caught faking the results is Julius Buckmon, according to confidential Census documents obtained by The Post. Buckmon told me in an interview this past weekend that he was told to make up information by higher-ups at Census. – NY Post

Team Obama left their tire tracks on Jack Welch. . They even asked him “what does Jack Welch gain by this”? The best part was a CNN tag team trying to get Welch to say, “Fix this!”…. “Just do it now, it’s not right what you said.” It is alright to make accusations and question motives of a proven business leader – but on the administration, not so much.

CNN said repeatedly, “Nobody cooked the books”. They ridiculed anyone who said otherwise. Once again, they had people all over the internet say that and poke fun at anyone insinuating the numbers leading up to the election were fudged. It was open season on Jack Welch because of a tweet.

We also had the famous Candice Crowley intervention for Obama in the debate on Benghazi. Quite the objective news organization they are.

But there are plenty of things we now know. The IRS was busy since 2010 targeting conservatives and Tea Party organizations. Obama, Dems, and media were busy selling the country on their “law of the land” Obamacare. People said this would effect every person in the country in profound ways. But they kept repeating the lie if you like your plan you can keep it, even telling us they did not want to force anything on us. Well, double lie.

Sen Gillibrand says they knew all along. It was the plan, how could they not have known? It was both the foundation and structure for ACA. So they were trying to deny the central tenet of ObamaCare. They had everyone repeat the lies over and over. Yet it was not designed to work that way. In fact, they took pains to make sure people could not keep their plans even if they wanted to. We knew it all along, but they denied it. It was an orchestrated lie by the entire party. The media repeated the lies too.

Turns out the inJustice department had argued before the apology that they expected many plans in the business sector to be canceled. Almost everything they campaigned on was a lie. So Obama comes out a year later and admits his statements on ACA effects were not accurate. But Pelosi must be the only person who disagrees. She said Obama’s lie was true.

The fairy tale that keeps on going, and going, and going.

Jobs reports, the IRS scandal was a few rogue employees, Benghazi, they even lie that the scandals are not scandals. They were dismissed as “phony scandals”. They claimed IRS was manufactured like they said of Benghazi and fast and furious. We even had the Dems stage a walkout because Holder refused to cooperate. (the lies must survive) Everyone else would be lying to blame the administration for any of their fabricated fairy tales. Hillary Clinton even had a leading role in the fairy tale on Benghazi. Then her concussion delaying testimony entered the land of make believe. Her finale concluded with “what difference at this point dies it make”.

The fairy tale lives on, and what a tale it is.

Enter Bill Clinton, again. In the fallout of millions losing their medical coverage, leading up to Obama’s apology, Clinton said he should honor his promise that if people like their plan, they can keep it. Then came Obama’s parsed, partial apology that his statements were not accurate. But trying to undo the damage of Obamacare proves a little tougher than uttering a few symbolic words. (symbolism is powerful in fairy tales.)

Let this be a lesson on what they do to any resistance.

Clinton: “Give me a break”

Much was made of Obama skipping the 150th ceremony of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. But there is that famous line:

“The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here; while it can never forget what they did here.”

Obama might do well to remember that sentiment. His lengthy speeches may not be long remembered, but what he’s done will be hard to forget.(they won’t be talking about his great campaign skill)

In that spirit, he suffers a mortal blow. It is not the glory of his lofty words – or snarky critiques — that will light the path to the future; but instead is it more like the deeds done in the darkest corners of government that will frame and define his legacy? I thinks so. If his goal was to increase our “patient sufferance” then he may have succeeded at that, so far. Or maybe he will simply be known as Occupant Know-Nothing.

8 comments on “Bill Clinton was right and so was Jack Welch

  1. pepperhawk says:

    Excellent post Bull! Wow, the last line is great, “Occupant No Nothing”. That really sums it up.
    Yeah, it’s hard to bring oneself to agree with Clinton, but the shenanigans to put it lightly are indeed a fairy tale of humongous proportions. And to think there are still some people who believe in this Grimm’s like fairy tale is another hard thing to swallow.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, thanks Pepp, You said it well. Occasionally the political animal is right, however painful to watch. Of course he is not Hillary or Obama. Barry wants to be known as the smartest guy in the room who knows nothing of the schemes. Fairy tale really fits.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull, right, Billy Clinton had some political sense about him, but the Evil Doer and that “what difference does it make now?” Hillary are on the same path. Pity us if she gets elected in 2016. We’ll never get out from beneath this mire of crap.


  2. Mrs. AL says:

    I focused on Clinton’s remarks in the second video. Why on earth hasn’t this been run over and over and over again by those who oppose the Resident’s policies? He is saying exactly what conservatives have been saying about the Resident from the get go !

    This is a fantastic post, Bullright. Take that famous bow !


    • bullright says:

      Thank you Mrs AL, just their words. It should be broadcasted. The back story is that the left parses it down that he was referring to a specific vote or issue. I think Bubba is a little smarter than that. The joke is on them. The RNC did make some ads but they were roundly condemned right away. You can see why, the truth hurts.


  3. clyde says:

    Good post, Bull. Clinton talking about ’08 being a “fairy tale”, guess he FORGOT his two scandal-riddled terms. As for Jack Welch, the BIGGEST mistake HE made was hand-picking the absolutely horrid Jeffrey Immelt as his successor at G.E.



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