A guy with a grudge against patio furniture

Now here is a creative idea for a slow news day. But what are the choices really?

I guess you had to see it. News guy does an editorial rant complaining about all the pictures they receive of snow-covered patio furniture. A clever bit by a Colorado station to suggest many other subjects in the snowy state, rather than boring pictures of patio furniture covered in snow. Well, it was good.

But care to make a bet on how many photos of patio furniture he receives after that?

Well then, you can’t top that, but there’s always that infamous guy up north who knows a little about snow himself. A rantster spells it out in a video:

Okay, compared to pictures of the world’s most pathetic snowmen, pictures of a snowman in a drunken stupor seem to have a bit longer shelf life.

Neither is very attractive though. But there’s always despised patio furniture.

2 comments on “A guy with a grudge against patio furniture

  1. clyde says:

    Think I’d rather see the patio furniture.


    • bullright says:

      I hear you, Clyde. Rob Ford is like a box of chocolates from your in-laws. (the surprise wears off after a while)

      And it was a good video but I guess they got touchy with the copyright when it went viral… but then that was their plan. I don’t get it. Anyway I don’t see the harm. The guy had a lot of stuff about Colorado packed in there. But I do get tired of seeing pics of everyone’s deck when it snows without so much as a live object in it. Hey, snow angels have more life in them. Oh well, then they yanked it. Hey, MEMO: don’t do such a catchy rant the next time! LOL



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