Survey says….

Wonders never cease. Last night one of those polling outfits called me. One can always refuse but why? Sometimes the questions reveal a lot. I know, it’s all so mundane.

So, out of all the questions one stood out. Actually, it was many questions with one common denominator. When it came to 2016, the only Democrat they used was Hillary. Gee, I wonder why? There was a long list on the Republican side, but only Hillary as the Democrat. They did ask how you felt about Joe Biden? But other than that, I guess the only candidate worth polling on is Hillary. (lucky for her)

I just like the finger pointing thing.

Photo credit

Hillary: “pollsters must love me.”

So have a little 2016 with your Hillary.
Here’s to candidates who suck all the oxygen out of the room.

18 comments on “Survey says….

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    What a crock!


  2. tannngl says:

    That’s a weird picture!
    But I know what you mean by the polls.
    They are never very unbiased.
    And every politician since Lyndon Johnson lives and dies by them. SMH


  3. Hardnox says:

    The left is bent on making history again in 2016 with the “first woman” president in history… never mind she’s a dyed-in-the wool communist.

    In the meantime, the R’s will foist Krispy Kreme on us and we’ll stay home in droves.

    Heaven help us.


    • bullright says:

      That’s a pretty good summary, Hard Nox. I forgot they asked your opinion of Elizabeth Warren. (another commie) So Demos are gunning for an estrogen boost already, and we are in the holding pattern.somewhere in the 5th tier. They included Paul and Cruz, but Christie got prominent mention.


  4. Did the pollsters include Scott Walker in their questions to you, Bull?

    He’s my early preference for 2016 Prez (R).

    – Jeff


    • bullright says:

      Hey Jeff, they did but it was a favorable/unfavorable deal. But I don’t remember them having him in a particular match up.(I don’t think so) Paul and Cruz were. All things compared to Hillary of course.


  5. Davetherave says:

    Good article Bull. I think they picked Hitlery to follow Barry during the run up to the 2008 race…just my opinion. The Traitor Party accomplished two historical feats with Barry (1) First black prez (2) Got Jimmy Jam Carter off the top of the list being the worst prez in our history.

    Bastid set the bar high and I wonder if even die hard Marxist Hitlery can even out do that liptard…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, LOL Aren’t they just the historical trendies? As the evolution of libs goes, it only gets worse from wherever they are. Yea, maybe this was just the intro for their real damage. Let’s call this one the Estrogen Putsch.


  6. clyde says:

    Wish the shitheads would call ME.


    • bullright says:

      Hey Clyde, you are probably on their “do not call list”. Can’t let reality or truth interfere with polls, you know. 🙂 After this one, I bet my number will be on that list too.

      [Dang witness protection for leaking my number]


  7. bullright says:

    Hey, the DNC and progressives aren’t the only ones pandering to estrogen. GM announces woman CEO. .. taking a page from politics. Does that smooth over the 10+ billion loss we took? Hardly.

    When the chips are down, play the estrogen card.



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