Pope Francis, a man for the media

The Pope. the media, and their immaculate perception

Sometimes popularity is just that.

This is time to inject another popular subject, the Pope. (some comparison is in order) Since he became Pontiff, Francis has enjoyed great reviews. On the surface it seems to be all about likability. But as with Obama, it is much more. Now Time has Francis on the cover. With Obama, media would have your opinion based on his sweeping likability and charisma, despite his statements and actions to the contrary. Likability rules.

As Pope he has ventured on a different path, some of it good and some controversial. Will he make controversy the norm rather than the straight and narrow? Time will tell. (pardon the pun) For media and fellow travelers, they found plenty to praise him about and do. It is uncanny how media are such fans. I don’t remember these circumstances before. They still took issue with John Paul II, and they definitely took exceptions with his successor when they could. And before him, Pope St Pius condemned “Modernism” as the “synthesis of all heresies” which spawned a flurry of criticism.

There is always some public scrutiny to the Pope, some of it on the hierarchy of the Church in Rome. Still it is there. Again, remember the secular Left and their disagreement with religion Christianity and the church in general. Of course, there’s the separation of Church and State crowd, who never find much likable about Christians, evangelicals, or the Catholic Church. Now comes glowing praise for Francis. Nothing adequately explains it. Sure they use him — or their perception of him — to criticize his predecessors and the Church. Does anyone notice their targeted praise? Anyone believe they suddenly came to their senses and changed course, just as Francis came on the scene?

But if media had its wish, they aren’t too proud to say Francis sort of fits their vision.(so it seems) It doesn’t change them. (Jesus is the only one that could change their hearts — Apostle Paul was an example of that) They applaud most of his decisions because, much like Obama, they think they know who he is – better than everyone else. So far, Francis has done little to dispel their notions.

To some, it’s nice to have press in general as an ally for the Pope. (that should sound alarms) It seems too good to be true. Careful what you wish for. Nevertheless, they continue their romance. They are drawn by his humanity. They are casting their vote for so-called “social justice”. Where are all those separatists and critics now? But like the process when the Left was smitten by Obama, Francis has not experienced real dissent either. … or maybe he won’t as long as he remains agreeable to the Left. They might even defend him.

My question would be does anyone see a mutual lasting alliance here? If so, it might start to resemble the Russian model.(in previous post) Maybe not exactly but in the mutual respect for power, ultimately faced in the same authoritarian direction. (as long as politics hold ) Given progressives’ infatuation with Francis, it might be worth considering that materialism is the underpinning for their state/Church relationship in Russia. Is that where this alliance is headed? It may not sound like Francis but, again, what does it matter? The Left gets to frame all things – and they’ve defined him so far.

Listen to who praises the Pope, who praises Putin, and who praises Obama. See it doesn’t really matter what or who the Pope is, it’s who the media thinks he is that counts. Well, since they think it is their job to define everything, why shouldn’t they get to define the Pope? What is to prevent them?

For now, the lamestream is in frenzy-mode hanging on Pope Francis’s every word. (visions of campaign candidate Obama) It is possible that he is not the progressive socialist the Left thinks he is. But because he comes from S.A, particularly Argentina, and has great humanity, he lends himself to their mold. Once media defines something it is hard to change.

And there is some controversy over what the Pope actually said  – exclusively in the English translation. (see article)  Further documented here.

Now the Pope has enough defenders and I am not on the short list, but someone does appear to be taking liberty in translating his words. Slight of hand? For what reason?

Note: progressives are not above slight of hand either. In fact, it is their forte. (For example, “level playing field”, “hatespeech” etc.)

As the authority, JMG, says: (2nd link)

willfully mistranslated, to give Certain Types of Politician very desirable “papal cover” and this is , happening completely by design and, sadly, it’s going according to plan.”

Then suddenly you have Obama referencing the Pope’s words in a scripted speech on inequality. Coincidence? Barry is not above borrowing the words of someone if he thinks it helps make his case for his political ideology. It’s very convenient.

Apparently, just like media, Barry’s teleprompter found a new source. So Elizabeth Warren, Governor Deval Patrick move over, and using Warren Buffett is getting a bit old.

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18 comments on “Pope Francis, a man for the media

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    Fascinating read here, Bullright. I am still digesting all the ideas.


  2. tannngl says:

    Thanks for this post.
    I’ve been very confused about what the pope has said. Rush took him to task for his ‘Marxist’ statement. I read the original. (I think).
    Never know on the net.
    My daughter was asked about an article about what the pope said during Vatican III. It gave grotesque ‘statements’ by Pope Francis quoting him as saying Adam and Eve was myth, all religions lead to God, all are god: Jesus, Allah, Krishna. I helped her investigate the piece. It was written by a young man whose entire website is satire. We also pasted the first paragraph on snopes and got the same conclusion: The post was all false. So she will be able to set about 48 people straight. Oh! I also told her there was no Vatican III! I think the last council was in the 1990’s. LOL I am protestant and have a very good Catholic friend. I’ve learned a lot about the Catholic Church. Glad I was able to help her get this one right!

    Hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong today.


    • bullright says:

      Thanks for that, Tannngl.. Yea, there is a lot out there and, hey, these guys write a lot too.

      There are still debates about Vat II – I almost flipped when I saw III, ha ha. I’m protestant evangelical. But the man I referenced is a Jesuit and sees the different nuances from the Latin, just in the English translation. Wherever that came from. And then people repeating what they interpret. My point: I’m not completely sold that he is as socialistic as media is painting him and don’t see enough evidence. (based on his past record) He may be, tho, and he might not be, is how I’m seeing it. There is enough debate over Vatican II (’65). And there are itchy ears too.


    • bullright says:

      I was also thinking when has the Left ever lied ?


  3. peppermintfarm says:


    Great article about the Pope. Yeah, it doesn’t take much for the left to choose their role models and then play them up. I don’t think the camel dung eater is doing himself any favors by borrowing what the Pope said. I hate how the media just turns someone into a progressive just because the man wants justice for everyone. That can be interpreted so many different ways.


  4. clyde says:

    The reason the left loves this guy, is he THINKS like they do. No more complicated than that, IMHO. Good post, Bull.


  5. There was an interesting post today over at HotAir on a similar path, BR, but you nailed it just as well here:
    “someone does appear to be taking liberty in translating his words….”


    **BTW, if you’re on the same wavelength as Ed Morrissey, you’re doing something very, very right:



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