Honey, I shrunk the Bill of Rights

In the years of Obama’s reign, we have seen the eroded Bill of Rights take one assault after another.

There was Obamacare, and now we see the Nuns being denied their freedom. There was the drone issue.(they even mocked that) There is that gun control on the back burner. There is the NSA spying ordeal. (don’t even think about right to privacy there) And this is not to mention what other branches have done, like the Kelo decision. There is hardly a freedom that escaped Obama’s axe.

On top of that is the lying. Then the systematic attacks on our military. The calling of names of anyone who takes offense to his plans. And the abuse of government power to threaten opposition and enforce whatever laws he feels like.

There’s the freedom of press, where they spied on the AP and charged Jim Rosen with espionage. Then his war on the states — abolishing the tenth amendment wholesale.

After inventing their abortion “right”as a right of privacy, they have little use for the ninth amendment. Due process is whatever they decide it should be, or not. Even the challenges over his legal, natural-born status were dismissed.

We no longer have a bill of rights, we have a list of caveats, which unlike “rights” mean whatever they want. He’s done more to challenge the BoR than anyone in US history. Your rights — i.e. life, libery, and pursuit of happiness etc. — were not so unalienable after all.

What do you expect from a guy who’s default view that government of, by, and for the people is Government of, by, and for Government? A guy who’s executive authority is limitless. Protecting against enemies, foreign and domestic, means making alliances with them. Guarding against invasion means opening the doors for it. Labels American patriots and soldiers terrorists. Screws our friends but makes friends with enemies of the US.

He believes all men are created unequal and that it is government’s job to try to equalize — however it chooses, however he defines equal. (some are more equal than others) ‘It’s the non-bill of rights, stupid !’ Welcome to Obama’s more perfect union.

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6 comments on “Honey, I shrunk the Bill of Rights

  1. It is a Dark Day for our Republic, BR.

    Why do I get the feeling we’re in Book #2 of the “Lord Of The Rings” series right now, …except we haven’t found the Ring yet?


  2. peppermintfarm says:


    Great summary of our lost rights. I just hate to think of what the next 3 years will bring. And our 2nd amendment rights are being attacked everywhere and he used an EO on that too to get what he wants, “us unarmed”. It gets scarier by the day because I hold my breath wondering when the next shoe will drop.



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