If you don’t like your government regulations

If you like your government regulations, and bureaucrats decisions, you can keep your regs. Tough luck it seems if not. But in the event you don’t…. here’s a place to add your voice of disapproval and disgust.

For a look at the current regs of interest on Twitter, and what they’re up to:
https://twitter.com/RegulationsGOV Tweets are under the name “YourVoice”.

For instance, if conservatives – [translation] Tea Party members, grandmas,grandpas, small business owners, concerned patriots, retired people, and folks with common sense – don’t appreciate the abuse and agenda at the IRS and their new rules, then you can send your comments on this page.

IRS is now Obama’s Internal Revenge Service [ © TM — per JTR’s suggestion 🙂 ]

So if you like your ever-growing government regs, you can simply do nothing and they will continue to roll out as usual, uninterrupted. But if you don’t….

Reference http://www.regulations.gov/?utm_content=buffer3a9b1&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer#!submitComment;D=IRS-2013-0038-0001

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10 comments on “If you don’t like your government regulations

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    Gonna’ post this on the other site?
    “IRS is now Obama’s Internal Revenge Service” this is worth the price of admission!!!!


  2. bullright says:
      Summary (IRS rules)

      This document contains proposed regulations that provide guidance to tax-exempt social welfare organizations on political activities related to candidates that will not be considered to promote social welfare. These regulations will affect tax-exempt social welfare organizations and organizations seeking such status. This document requests comments from the public regarding these proposed regulations. This document also requests comments from the public regarding the standard under current regulations that considers a tax-exempt social welfare organization to be operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare if it is “primarily” engaged in activities that promote the common good and general welfare of the people of the community, including how this standard should be measured and whether this standard should be changed.


  3. Davetherave says:

    Great post Bull! I’m sure they’ll spit on my comment and pay zero attention to it, but I sure in the hell commented anyway. Sorry that it’s rather lengthy, but I thought you may be interested in reading my comment:

    “Millions upon millions (including me) are sick and tired of the useless and detrimental regulations being dumped on our nation. Most are killing our economy, job growth, small businesses and the average household income. Almost all of these new regulations are obviously politically motivated to play up to the group that has the largest special interest group in DC. That group would be the environmentalist.

    Common sense laws to protect our environment are agreed upon by the far majority of people, but we now have a rabid dog running wild. The drought CA is now experiencing is a classic example. Water storage has been and continues to be dumped back into the ocean to try and help protect one type of fish. One type fish is being chosen over the millions of people (including farmers) and there is now a sever drought situation. Give me a break! This is idiotic!!

    Laws are also not being applied equally to all groups and or people. The IRS being the biggest agency doing these discrimination practices. The IRS is using mobster like tactics on conservatives using a political agenda to stop conservative groups getting a tax exempt appointment simply because they are conservative groups. Obama flat out lied there is not a smidgin of corruption with the IRS and we all know new rules are being put in place (or already in place) to completely stop conservative groups achieving tax exempt appointment.

    Laws should be applied equally, because that is what our constitution states. Of course it is obvious the Obama administration cares not about our constitution or applying laws equally. There is not a “smidgin” of proof that can be sighted that proves these two statements are not true. Our once great nation has gone to the dogs!”


    • bullright says:

      Dave, well that hit the finer points pretty good. Way to go. Bastid made an error when he said not a smidgeon of corruption at IRS, it should have been not a smidgeon of common sense. And their sustainable agenda wants to sustain all the wrong things like bad law, especially if his poison pen created it.


  4. If “Internal Revenge Service” is yours, Bull, you should trademark it.

    Good stuff…



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