Saving the “back nine” from climate change

On the web, Friday is synonymous with funnies but Obama is teasing a laugh line almost everyday these days.(It would be hilarious if not so serious) Take last Friday, for instance. He took the carbon footprint of AF-1 to the Central Valley in California so he could highlight his globul warming, climate change agenda.

Not content with actually doing anything really useful for the drought-stricken valley, he at least fit in a few rounds of golf at a lush golf course that uses water like he burns jet fuel.

With that effective backdrop, he made a speech about dramatic changing climate. Now is the perfect time to highlight it in his portfolio of politics. In that folder, politics (ideology) is first, raising money a very close second.

He did make a gesture of relief aid in his billion-dollar demand for the green agenda. So Obama is”speeding delivery of $100 million of aid to livestock farmers, $15 million for areas hit hardest, and $60 million for California food banks to help the poor“. But what the people really need is the 3 million acre-feet of water diverted away from them. The 60 million in food banks? That matters not to Obama and his ideologue allies. They “help” people by making them suffer and then use their suffering for political fodder. None of Obama’s pipe dream schemes really helps their condition.

Sure enough to that end, a billionaire leftist hedge-fund manager has set his sights on climate change (or whatever new name they give it this month) The greasy grimy politics of the left on climate is truly something you have to witness. Hypocrisy does not matter. Which side someone is on — and there is only one side to the Left — is all that is important.

As Kerry told us, they “don’t have time for a meeting with the Flat Earth Society”. In fact they don’t even have time to meet with ranchers and farmers in the Central Valley. The do, however, have plenty of time for speeches and preening their pious feathers about globul warming. Of course, with the enormity of their own carbon footprints, don’t expect them to see the forest for the trees.

What really matters is politics, raising money, and elections…. and a big shout out to gov.control. Fitting that into the lifestyle of the elite ruling class is just part of the gig. After all, what is an issue for but to benefit the ruling class and promote their political interests — i.e control?

In pre-visit Central Valley newspaper coverage, people wondered exactly what Obama’s itinerary would be? Wonder no more. They wondered if he’d speak to or meet with affected residents. That would probably be too time consuming for the Chief Elitist, he has no time to wallow in dust bowls. He has serious things to do, golf for one. Thank God Palm Springs uses millions of gallons of preciously scarce water to keep the greens and fairways up to snuff. Can’t let things like droughts or resources effect the golf industry. I expected him to make a few jokes, makng fun of people’s suffering. He might as well have.

Switching the conversation from dismal ObamaCare to climate change is really trying to change the climate. But big money from the likes of Leftist Steyer is just the prescription to get the wheels turning and his allies on board, especially his divided base. Crank up the campaign machine again to get them to midterms. Forget the scandals, Benghazi, IRS, bombing Obamacare, Fast and Furous… or the Mid-East turmoil, pay no attention to their let’s make a deal road show. All that ever mattered to progressives is politics anyway. (spending is politics)

Enter their great billionaire activist, “Daddy Greenbucks”, Tom Steyer.


Image from a anti-Keystone ad produced by Steyer and his NextGen.

NYT reports

“Our feeling on 2014 is, we want to do things that are both substantively important and will have legs after that,” Mr. Steyer said in an interview. “We don’t want to go someplace, win and move on.”

Free Beacon reported: “The Steyer Party

Steyer, who has amassed a $1.4 billion fortune through his dealings in the secretive world of high finance—including managing a number of funds based in the Cayman Islands—wants to deliver a “smashing victory” in the war on climate change by bullying skeptics and other pro-eagle politicians into submission. “The goal here is not to win,” Steyer told the Hill in 2013. “The goal here is to destroy these people.
Steyer, meanwhile, has “embraced the political toolbox that was opened to wealthy donors and other interests in the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision,” and is “rallying other deep-pocketed donors” and “seeking to build a war chest” for his NextGen Climate Action operation, which could soon be one of the largest shadowy outside groups in the country.
The group is already running ads seeking to stop construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. On Wednesday, Steyer is hosting a fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.).

Truth alert: their goal is not to win debate or the issue but to destroy their enemies and those in their way. Anyone who thinks it’s a matter of legitimate scientific debate is wrong.

And from the NYT:

Those [California ballot initiative] efforts cemented his partnership with Chris Lehane, a California-based Democratic strategist, and heralded the emergence of NextGen Climate, now a 20-person operation encompassing a super PAC, a research organization and a political advocacy nonprofit. The group employs polling, research and social media to find climate-sensitive voters and spends millions of dollars in television advertising to try to persuade them.

Safe to say that it’s one non-profit IRS won’t be probing into.

Meanwhhile back at the farm, or what was a farm in Central Valley years ago, the real drought problem was driven by liberal policies designed to protect anything but human beings’ welfare creating what we see today. But in 2012, a bill was brought up to deal with the regulatory problems and restore the water. Obama swiftly declared he would veto it. Now he goes back to that area for a visit only to highlight his climate change agenda, to use it for fodder. Then he demands a billion in new spending for his agenda.

In 2012, Hotair reported the details:

I’ve called the judicially-imposed drought in California’s Central Valley “the Dust Bowl Congress created” through its creation of the Endangered Species Act, invoked in this case by the Delta smelt, a fish that’s not suitable for eating. Once a breadbasket for the nation, the cutoff of irrigation water to the Central Valley has destroyed agriculture and tens of thousands of jobs as a tradeoff for the endangered fish. Now, however, voices of sanity in Congress have begun to speak on the man-made economic and agricultural disaster, as Rep. Devin Nunes builds support for his Sacramento-San Joaquin Water Reliability Act:
Nunes’ Sacramento-San Joaquin Water Reliability Act goes to a vote in the House Wednesday and if it passes, it will guarantee that water the farmers paid for finally gets to the parched Central Valley. It will put an end to the sorry stream of shriveled vineyards, blackened almond groves and unemployed farm workers standing in alms lines for bagged carrots from China.
“The bill restores the flow of water and establishes a framework for meaningful environmental improvements. It is a repudiation of the left’s assault on rural communities, which began with the decimation of the West’s timber industry and now is focused on Central Valley agriculture,” Nunes told IBD.
If Barack Obama has his way, though, that situation will continue indefinitely. Late yesterday, the White House announced that Obama would veto Nunes’ bill because — I am not making this up — it would “unravel decades of work” on California water regulations … decades of work that brought California’s Central Valley to its current destruction:

So let’s put an end to this notion that both sides just need to talk and work things out for the people they represent. That’s not how the Left plays. If they don’t care about a dust bowl they created in California, do you really think they care about people or the climate? So the agenda that largely caused the effects in the Central Valley needs a stimulus of new spending, while those devastated in its path get lip service. Ironically, bait fish win and communities lose. Unfortunately for Central Valley, they only illustrate his agenda.

Saving the back nine is a metaphor for preserving politics of the ruling class elite, and their power.

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  1. Drik says:

    Can’t have a crisis without a little help.



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