Foreign Policy of the Desperately Absurd

So Kerry announces that he will be going to Kiev, Ukraine. But Putin doesn’t care much what Kerry says, only what Obama says and does. He’s smart.

Just yesterday Kerry said Putin doesn’t have the strong hand.

On one hand Kerry called Putin’s move a “brazen act of aggression”.
On the other he declares Putin is acting out of “weakness” and “desperation.”

Russia is holding two Ukraine ships, forcing surrender. More weakness.

The Hill

“That’s not the act of somebody who’s strong,” Kerry added, saying Putin is acting out of “weakness” and “desperation.”

On ABC’s “This Week,” Kerry called Putin’s move a “brazen act of aggression” and raised the possibility that allied nations would move to kick Russia out of the Group of 8 in addition to boycotting the G-8 summit in Sochi this summer.

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This is the same Obama that threatened congress for even talking about sanctions for Iran. Now he demands Congressional action. Some people!

Michael Crowley of TIME had a tweet that illustrated the situation.

“not a character judgment, but this does kind of capture the moment “

Putin is the consummate opportunist. You really can’t blame him, considering the holes Obama gives him. It’s not “desperation”, it’s pure opportunism. Putin has been fortunate in opportunities. And it’s not weakness.

But it’s Obama that is operating out of “weakness and desperation”… with limited opportunities.

I think I know what happened, the Obama regime leaned “forward” so far it fell over.

RightRing | Bullright

20 comments on “Foreign Policy of the Desperately Absurd

  1. thomlucci says:

    It is Obama who is weak. He’s like a wet dishrag trying to shake off his maryjane high.


  2. Mrs. AL says:

    Our country has been heading downhill for quite some time. Got to hand it to the Resident, he has speeded it up to the point that, perhaps, there is no return?

    Guess I better get me one of them thar hat dealie bobs for riding my bicycle, eh?

    Good report, Bullright.


  3. Davetherave says:

    Really good post Bull! Pic paints a thousand words and it brings back to mind Barry throwing a baseball…WOW…what a wussy! It’s folks like Barry that give people the opening to stereotype homos.

    Barry sicking Traitor Kerry on Putin. Oh boy…Putin is shaking in his boots now. The Wussy In Chief sends Wussy Jr. to back down Putin. Really? REALLY? Like sending a toothless poodle to take on a Pit Bull.

    Everyone in the world (except the disillusioned administration) damn well knows Barry and his loyal sheep are always playing with a weak hand. Putin is old style commie tough and he’s not the least bit worried about wimpy Barry. Those old style commies only respond to one thing and it sure isn’t a wimpy ass American president that shoots blanks with words he doesn’t back up and useless ass sanctions. I seriously doubt Russia would have attempted this, if Bush were in office.

    Putin is in the driving seat as usual in this situation and Barry’s wimpy, stupid ass put him there!

    P.S. Right back to can’t put likes on articles. WordPress uses one fickle software…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, the only thing missing in that photo is Barry’s rose-colored glasses. Right you are. The left is trying to make the case that Putin is “disconnected from reality”. Ha ha, Barry never lived anywhere near reality — its all projection and mirrors…its not even a good illusion.


    • bullright says:

      Everyone says its the cache, dumping it, but it seems to be more than that.


      • Davetherave says:

        Well Bull; when all else fails (perhaps I should write when everything has failed) with this idiotic administration pull out the trusty ole card of “Blame Bush.” That’s one of Barry’s doctrines.

        Rachel Maddow charged Monday that the George W. Bush administration’s Middle East policy is to blame for Ukraine. She cited people being against the Iraq and Afgan war, buuuut she seems to have conveniently forgotten that congress backed both wars. Including the illustrious drunk-al-holic Madam Hitlery. Let the Bush Blame Game begin…or continue…


        • bullright says:

          Dave, Ain’t that a kicker, blaming Bush for Ukraine? Very selective memory.There’s always Bush. That will go directly from her mouth to Jay Carney’s. (who made her a foreign policy expert) But they can dismiss Benghazi???????

          These people live on fantasy island. Like their red-line talk in April about Syria. And now loosening sanctions for Iran. (China and Japan are buying the oil, money is flowing) His Egypt policy was a failure, Iraq was a failure, Syria was a failure, next up? Trot out the old Mid East peace canard right on schedule, kick BB in the head, rally support for Zero’s failed policies… and then declare success while Putin is sitting there with his big pile of chips. This is some weird poker game, isn’t it?


        • bullright says:

          Hey Dave, MSBC also posed the question is Netanyahu going to make the correct decision or continue to be led around by the right wing in his coalition. Wow, wasting no time going after him and ignoring Obama being led around by Satan’s army of liar Marxists. Now they shift the focus on BB. (and kick around W whenever they need to) What a fraternity of evil.


          • Davetherave says:

            Bull, I’ll really be surprised if Claire sticks with Jay through this crap. I have no idea how in the world they pull off a marriage to begin with, but she has to be catching on she’s married to a blooming idiot. She (at the least) must be praying hard her hubby’s stupidity is not inherited by their youngin’s.

            That is a miserable shame the mainstream moron’s just let Benghazi try to die on the vine, while boasting Obummer’s foreign policy achievements. His achievements and policies sure in the hell are foreign to me.

            LOL…weirdest game of poker I’ve ever seen. Texas Holdem’ is only suppose to have one card on the river, but these bass-tone-eins have had so many river cards you could walk on them from here to China without getting your feet wet…


            • bullright says:

              Well, LOL without getting their feet wet. How they do it is incredible.(and keep doing it) Just amazing defying truth the way they do, now on Ukraine, Forget Benghazi. Repeal the law of gravity, why don’t they?

              How do you live with Joseph Goebbels ?

              I was reading bio notes about Carter and it hit me. They admit media made him into a frontrunner candidate from obscurity. So with that experience, no surprise how lamestream covers for the One. What was Biden’s old line? Oh yea, past is prologue.


  4. bullright says:

    “Putin is reviving the Brezhnev Doctrine, in which the Soviet Union declared that it could invade any country that tried to escape its domination. The Brezhnev Doctrine was summed up as “once you go Communist, you never go back.” Putin’s version is a bit cruder. The Putin Doctrine is: once you become a kleptocratic dictatorship subservient to Moscow, you never go back.

    “So what do we do? How can we roll back Soviet—er, Russian—aggression?

    “The 1980s are calling. They want to know if we want their foreign policy back.”


    • Davetherave says:

      For the much, much better of our nation I would love to go back to the 80’s. As far as my personal life and choices? Maybe not…. 😀


  5. tannngl says:

    ‘I think I know what happened, the Obama regime leaned “forward” so far it fell over.’
    More great word pictures!

    Truth is our president has placed us in a weak state where we are vulnerable and unsafe. Too many people/nations hate us.

    We could call this administration a joke if it wasn’t so serious.


  6. Davetherave says:

    Another real shame (created by this commie, EnviroNazi administration) is we could really make a dent in Russia’s power and influence with our allies. All we’d have to do is drill for more oil, take out more natural gas and sell it to our allies that depend on Russia to supply. But I seriously doubt that “foreign policy” doesn’t even dawn on the traitors in the White Mosque. Oh well, not like we need the money anyway….


    • bullright says:

      Yea, LOL not like we need it. Pretty much anything that will help this country Obama refuses to do. Meanwhile, on Ukraine news oil is busting a move. Recovery?? We’ll never see real recovery with his war on energy. And Putin is banking the profits. Sort of funny.

      And Obama is trying to create an “off ramp” for Putin. Ha ha. Oh, the hypocrisy. We need an exit ramp for Odinga-Obama….. big time!


  7. bullright says:

    Well, Charlie Daniels has done it again and blessed us with a good soapbox piece on the Russia situation.



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