Abortion Statistics are Shockers, or not

These Shocking Abortion Statistics Might Be Hard To Believe

A society that fails to value the most innocent among it cannot be expected to respect life at any stage.
B. Christopher Agee — February 26, 2014 — Western Journalism

The population of Mississippi is about 60 percent white – just less than 1.8 million – compared to a black population of around 1.1 million, or about 37 percent of the population. Despite the fact that there are nearly twice as many white Mississippians than blacks, however, recent reports show a troubling trend regarding the state’s abortion statistics.

Almost 72 percent of parents who decide to murder their child in the womb in the state are black. More than 39,000 abortions ended the lives of black babies in Mississippi between 1995 and 2010, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. Comparatively, fewer than 15,000 white babies were killed in the same manner.

While a disproportionately high number of black mothers in the state make the heartbreaking decision to kill their children, this tragedy is hardly limited to the Magnolia State. As the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene recently indicated, more black children were aborted in the city than were given the opportunity to be born.

The disparity was pronounced, data shows, as 31,328 black babies were murdered, while just 24,758 were able to escape the inherent dangers of the womb.

Any child lost to the reprehensible act of abortion should outrage anyone who values the sanctity of life. The astounding impact this procedure has on the black community, however, is evidence of an unspeakable evil.

Unfortunately, this was precisely the outcome advocated by Margaret Sanger, founder of the most ubiquitous abortion provider in the nation: Planned Parenthood. Sanger’s blatant call for the extermination of black children left no question regarding her intentions. Decades later, the modern abortion industry is stealthily carrying out her plan by marketing the murderous act largely to unwed, pregnant black women.

Conservative Christian actress Patricia Heaton alluded to this realization in a recent pithy Twitter update.

Margaret Sanger gets her wish: http://t.co/BJeHQXtJmY

— Patricia Heaton (@PatriciaHeaton) February 22, 2014

While the abortion rate has cooled slightly in recent years, it is imperative for social conservatives to remain dedicated to the fight for life. A society that fails to value the most innocent among it cannot be expected to respect life at any stage.

Perhaps the violent culture of today’s inner city has roots in the deadly precedent set in the black community by rampant abortion.


And so, after careful analysis, all seems to be going according to plan — pardon the pun — Planned Parenthood plan that is. How’s that for “progressive”? And how about Obama’s iconic word, “Forward”? “Lean forward”…or be pushed.

The “progressive” movement is obsessed with “saving the environment”, a lizard, a spotted owl, a habitat, eggs, a spawning ground for fish. But their agenda for legalized murder, slaughter of babies is called “choice”.

You know, the folks who advocate for something called “safe abortion services” — they call that “reproductive health”.

Look at the numbers: National Review

Big H/T to Pepp for the article.

RightRing | Bullright

8 comments on “Abortion Statistics are Shockers, or not

  1. Hardnox says:

    I posted several pieces on the subject. The latest was a rant by Pastor Manning who resides in Harlem.

    This is simply wrong by any measure.

    The left has been very successful in the genocide of blacks. Any mention of whitey holding down the people of color shall fall on my deaf ears from now on.

    Just yesterday i threw these stats at a black couple berating me for my “Impeach Obama” bumper sticker. They simply bowed their heads in shame and walked away.


    • bullright says:

      Hardnox, thanks for that. What can they say? Not only are the numbers outrageous, but Libs congratulate PP for its work all the time. Those numbers aren’t mammograms.


  2. bullright says:
      Now…let’s all celebrate “Black History” month!


  3. Mrs. AL says:

    Great reminder, Bullright, and thanx to Pepper for the heads up as well.

    I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to talk with younger women outside PP. Quite literally it was like they were brainwashed. When one of these younger girls would come to our crisis center they would be encouraged to view a short video about the child in their womb. A great majority of the time the young lady would sit kind of stunned. Some even went to far as to say, “they lied to me.”


  4. Davetherave says:

    Excellent post Bull! Barry advocated this very atrocity, while Sin-a-tor. A black dude advocating murdering black, innocent kids…go figure.

    This really does come down to choice: The choice to use a big fat lie from the prog’s it’s OK to murder innocent kids to further Sicko Sanger’s agenda, while professing to be a Christian every Sunday. Limousine Liberals!

    Prog’s couldn’t give a rats ass about the “true” health of women. They simply need to keep that pro-murder, huge voting block in their court. The only thing the civil war accomplished for blacks was moving them from one plantation to a more useful one for the prog’s.

    Roe v Wade is the darkest moment in US history in my opinion…God forgive us.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, LOL”Limousine Liberals” … never tell us where their Limo is going. Gosnell sure proved that “health” thing is a lie. I guess they weren’t listening.

      Yea it’s a sad chapter. Building a whole movement on racism and dead babies was a real feat. Reads like a fatwa on black babies. (or babies in general with Roe) They turned it into an altar.

      – Amen.


  5. bullright says:

    No one Crueler to Black Americans than America’s First Black President
    Judi McLeod | Canada Free Press
    “It would be the irony of all time if the 71 percent of disenfranchised black African American youths trying to survive under President Barack Obama forced him out of office before his time is up.”


    • bullright says:

      “If Obama were white, he’d have been impeached already…but people don’t want to be called racist” (@ 30 min.)

      “Washington, DC— A coalition of African American civil rights leaders and pastors today said they will launch a grassroots effort seeking to secure the signatures of one million people calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to be impeached. The Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) cited numerous instances of Holder attempting to impose same-sex ‘marriage’ throughout the nation despite federal law, rulings by the US Supreme Court, and state constitutional amendments to the contrary.”

      I wonder if they are also aware that by executive order, it is State Dep. official policy to promote push same sex marriage around the world? (something that got pushback in Africa.) I didn’t hear it mentioned.



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