Rockets fly again on Israel

JERUSALEM (AP) — The Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad said Thursday it had agreed to halt a wave of rocket fire on Israel, signaling an end to the heaviest fighting between the sides since 2012, though soon after the announcement two rockets fired from Gaza exploded inside Israel.

The Islamic Jihad denied it launched the attack and it wasn’t immediately unclear who fired the rockets. Cease-fire declarations have not always been honored by militants and the barrage raised doubts about the cease-fire offer made by Islamic Jihad.

“Our policy in the south is clear. We harm those who try to harm us and respond fiercely to any attack,” Netanyahu said. “The terrorist groups in Gaza need to understand that they are dealing with a very determined government and a very strong army.”



And from Sharia Unveiled (H/T)
Here is what palestinians do to animals/cattle countries trade with them

See Palestinian Muslims in Gaza torturing cattle video.(caution content graphic)

4 comments on “Rockets fly again on Israel

  1. Hardnox says:

    This should serve Israel notice that the islamo-nazis should never be trusted.

    With regards to the halai – Sick bastards satisfying their blood lust. As a cattleman I find this repulsive. Animals deserve dignity. These cretins do not posses any for themselves so it’s not surprising that they don’t have any for any other living thing either.


  2. tannngl says:

    Disgusting. God gave us the earth and all living things to care for.
    These people don’t even repect the lives of their own children.



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