Fla Democrat gives Nazi salute

The gleeful Nazi salute says it all.


A Florida zoning board member brought a community meeting to an awkward halt when she used a stiff-armed gesture to compare a village official to Adolph Hitler.

The Florida Democrat, Marcia Radosevich, was a supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2006, and gave $5000 dollars to her PAC.

She resigned soon after this video came out, which was reported in the Palm Beach Post newspaper. Interestingly, it is never mentioned within any of these news articles that she is a Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter. If a Republican had done this, this would be national news. Since its a Democrat, and Hillary supporter, she gets a free pass.

Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/democrat-gives-nazi-salute-says-heil-hitler-local-board-meeting/#83VVCBJlQSoLv5EV.99

What was that? “If that offended you, I apologize.”

Ironically, stiff arming is what they are about. Don’t hold your breath for the criticism.

8 comments on “Fla Democrat gives Nazi salute

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    Excellent post, Bullright ! Am forwarding on …


  2. Davetherave says:

    Bull, “it’s not what she meant”, “it’s been taken out of context”, or better yet “it never even really happened!” The top three immediate statements the traitor party throws out in attempt to cover up the truth. I’m sure it goes without saying the MSM would slaughter a repuke for doing this.

    I’m a history nut (especially WWII era) and I’ve been watching documentary’s out the yahoo lately about that period. So scary and realistic how what happened in Germany back then has so many parallels to what the traitor party is doing in the US now. It all started with such an extremely small movement, slowly moving the agenda forward and then one day BOOM right in the moron, German citizens faces. They were stupid and tricked and the far majority now in the US are no better.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, LMAO ….. Slaughter is the right word,,, it would be a public execution.
      Out of context…. LOL You busted my gut.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, I’m no history scholar but one little known documentary by a German embed told the story from the inside. The soldiers acted like it was a travel adventure, writing letters home saying it wasn’t that bad that they had it pretty good. What a perspective. I wonder what Zero is thinking when he travels thru this country, from the inside looking out. Who can get that deep into the mind of a narcissist? Right so many parallels it ain’t funny. And look how he is treating Dinesh D’Douza. Yep, he’s a tyrant all right.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, German citizens just sat by and watched Hitler transform their government into a fascist totalitarian state. He was mainly able to pull this off by resurrecting their crappy ass economy spending big bucks on building their massive military and infrastructure (autobahns). Hell at least Hitler restored Germany’s economic stability and ended mass unemployment. Can’t say that for Zero can we??? I’m definitely no fan of Hitler, but to think he was better at economics that Barry blows ones mind!

        It was a cake walk for Germany in the beginning…may as well been a vacation for their soldiers. Austria handed over Austria to Hitler due to the old cliche of being “chickenshits.” And then there was the great stance (sarcasm) of the British Prime Minister called the Munich Agreement that forced the Czechoslovakia government to allow Germany to annex Sudetenland. That went really well! Six months later Hitler seized the rest of Czechoslovakia. Two countries handed to Hitler, because everyone was scared to death of him. Hmm…reminds me of Barry’s foreign policy toward Russia (Putin)…

        This bull crap with D’Souza is absurd. Barry reminds me of “Hannibal Lecter”, MSM “the silence” and D’Souza “the lamb”. Fascist, totalitarian, tyrant is Barry for sure!


  3. tannngl says:

    You found a little known report, froggy. Appreciate the post! Needs air time!



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