Sderot, Israel under steady fire

Sderot, Israel has been hit by 5000 rockets over the decade. Name another place or country in the world subject to that.

This view of a Sderot neighborhood is from a hill outside town. Hamas wants to make this a “ghost town,” but so far all they’ve done is to strengthen the resolve of those who live here, and help create a population that can live under a rain of rockets and still keep going.

But do we hear the bleeding heart Left on campuses and media in the US calling for an end to it? Do we see student protests organized at universities signing petitions or calling for divestment and boycotts? Just a rhetorical question. (I think you know)

Welcome to Sderot. A sign welcomes visitors with a counting of the kassam rockets which have fallen on Sderot or nearby.

NYU students protest surreptitious Israel boycott conference on campus

By MAYA SHWAYDER — 03/01/2014 | Jerusalem Post
26 students and student leaders from the school’s Democrat and Republican groups send protest letter to school president. (protesting the BDS movement)

[NYU] NEW YORK – The American Studies Association hosted a large pro-Boycott, Divest, Sanction at New York University from Friday night to Saturday evening, sparking a backlash from NYU students, who wrote a letter of protest to the school’s administration.

The ASA-BDS event, which coincided with Israeli Apartheid Week in New York and was titled “Circuits of Influence: US, Israel and Palestine,” was not widely publicized and was closed to the press.

“We are immensely disappointed with both the nature of this event and how it has been met with complete silence from the NYU administration,” the letter said, citing the fact that invitations to the event were extremely selective and the event itself features only pro-BDS, anti-Israeli speakers.

US Student organizations boycotting Israeli academic institutions

[Daily Sundial] California State University (CSU) Chancellor Timothy White made a statement in early January denouncing a controversial move by a major academic association to boycott academic partnerships and investments made between American and Israeli universities.

In December 2013, the American Studies Association (ASA) joined a small, but growing number of academic associations calling for academic divestment from Israeli universities, which can mean cutting financial support to and ending partnerships and exchange programs with Israeli higher institutions. The ASA resolved to do so in protest of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, which the organization described as violating “human rights and international law.”

Academic divestment is inspired by a worldwide political movement known as the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) of Israel, started by Palestinian organizations in 2005. BDS protests Israel’s controversial policies toward the occupied territories of Palestine — the Gaza strip and the West Bank — by encouraging individuals and organizations to financially and symbolically boycott the state of Israel. Its goal is put enough pressure on Israel to cease their policies. More

No Universities have formally signed on to the ‘academic divestment’ campaign. However, aside from this California University, their collective silence on the movement agenda is deafening. But only when the few who stand up to protest the agenda does it get any attention. That’s only coupled with the lack of attention about the rockets flying, and the intercepted shipments by Israelis.


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7 comments on “Sderot, Israel under steady fire

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    A most important post, Bullright ! Thank you.
    So much to comment on …


  2. tannngl says:

    I have a friend who lives near the Golan Heights in northern Israel where Syrian forces are sending rockets into Israel as well. His daughter and grandchildren live in Sderot. How do you live with this????????
    And the world continues to hate them!


    • bullright says:

      Yea, I’ve spoken to a few people either from or who travel back and forth, it should give anyone pause. To be faced with that constantly is a feat. Sadly, there is a disconnect between many Jews here and there. Another thing that’s hard to grasp. I posted here about the churches and their actions. But the Pals scream and the world echoes it. Hard to make “peace” with someone who doesn’t want it – it’s the last thing they want.


  3. Davetherave says:

    Really good post Bull. I’m so damn tired of hearing about how badly the Palestinians are being treated, when Israel has shown much more patience with those terrorist than I would. I’d personally like to see Israel get some new beach front property and bring the Mediterranean Sea closer inland.

    They’re nothing more than an outcast society from Egypt trying to brutalize and bully Israel. There is no such land as Palestine and no such thing as Palestinians. Another smoke and mirror from the rag heads to beat up on the Jews.

    The prog traitors in the US gov and schools promote anything that is anti-Israel. The MSM just keep a lid on it. Barry is too busy looking like a wimpy, jackass in the face of Putin to worry about our once great ally Israel.

    I’ve never been embarrassed to be an American, until Barry and his merry men of cross-dressing took over…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, you said it. It gets sickening hearing it. You know, those people are there for only one reason, as far as they are concerned. Everyone ignores the smuggled weapons and their assaults. Its willful ignorance. Its always Israel that is supposed to make these convoluted moves and gestures after a history of this. Blows the mind.


  4. […] Israel has been under attack for weeks of daily rocket fire. In one recent barrage, there were 40 rockets in 20 minutes in one area. That is two rockets per […]



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