The Great Demise of US

Well, let’s start the week off right. This ties to my recent post “Justifiable Insurrection“. If you thought that was a little vague, here are some details to fill it in – complete with insider spook confirmations.

Sources confirm enemies within are close to their goal

March 19, 2014 | Examiner

Anthony Martin

Throughout the history of the United States, the enemies of freedom have always been at work to destroy the foundation and fabric of the nation. But now sources have confirmed that not only have these enemies been hard at work to negate the liberties Americans have come to expect, but they are close to reaching their ultimate goal of the total destruction of this Republic as a free nation.

The tactical framework by which the enemies within seek to reach their ultimate goal is multi-pronged. The first plank was the implementation of a significant part of the goals of the progressive movement in the early 1900s, again in the 1930s and 40s, again in the 1960s and 1990s, and yet again from 2008 until the present.

The progressive movement viewed the U.S. Constitution as its main roadblock to “progress,” which was the newspeak term they used for regression. Thus, they sought to dismantle as much of the Constitution as the citizens would allow under various leaders such as Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Wilson believed in eugenics, or the genetic perfecting of the human race as a means of getting rid of the “undesirables.” He also threw persons of German/Austrian/Hungarian descent into concentration camps during World War I. FDR utilized the same tactics during World War II, except it was persons of Japanese descent who were rounded up and incarcerated without charges of wrongdoing, without warrants, and without a trial.

FDR also tried to ignore the Constitution by packing the Supreme Court with his favorites, adding new members without the approval of Congress or a change in Constitutional law to allow it. This he attempted to do because the Court had declared many of his social programs to be unconstitutional.

But perhaps the worst the thing FDR did was to rob Americans of their gold. The government had been keeping records of who bought gold for quite some time. And when the government ran out of money during the Great Depression, which had been prolonged and intensified by FDR’s reckless spending, he confiscated all the gold, just like that. He notified Americans who had bought gold that they were to turn it in to the government. And like sheep, most Americans at the time “obeyed.” But then Roosevelt decided like a good little crook that if these citizens wanted their gold back, they would have to pay at least twice what it was worth when the government confiscated it. This was nothing but a scheme, a criminal scheme, to force Americans to turn over their property to the federal government so that FDR’s regime could charge them double for it and help the feds get some much needed money to fund the reckless spending FDR had implemented.

Criminal theft is still theft even when the government does it. But no one was ever forced to pay for their crimes against the citizens of the United States. /…


The next report, which he adds daily, is this one:

‘You have no idea how bad it is,’ says ex-spook on destruction of US

On Wednesday it was reported that America’s enemies within, mainly those who are part of the “progressive movement,” are very close to their ultimate goal of the complete demise of the Republic has envisioned by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Today there is even more disturbing news.

An “ex-spook” as they are known, in other words a retired member of the CIA, stated concerning the effort to destroy the U.S., “You have no idea how bad it is.” The enemies of freedom and the Constitution within the country, he said, have now succeeded in putting most of their goals in place. “Think of how far they have come since 2008,” he continued, “Most Americans don’t even recognize their own country anymore. They feel like foreigners in their own land.” /…

The progressives/Marxists/collectivists are willing to do anything to advance their agenda, even if it means lying incessantly to the public, or even toying with the lives of citizens, using them as guinea pigs for mass social experimentaion.

An example of one of the most despicable of these experiments is to be found during the mid-1960s under President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ). Very few except those with high security clearances within the government and LBJ’s inner circle knew about this program. Even fewer know about it today. It was never reported or acknowledged. And most who knew the details are now deceased. A few, however, are still alive and well, and they know the full story. /…


Author’s note:

My latest entry is now available at my blog at The Liberty Sphere under the section, “Musings After Midnight.” It is titled, “The latest news from the underground patriot movement, including warnings of more gov’t harassment of conservatives, libertarians, and gun owners.

This is good daily accounting of the agenda chock full of details.
Follow the yellow brick road…. and daily installments.

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9 comments on “The Great Demise of US

  1. bullright says:

    Instead of naming schools, streets, parks and buildings after these guys we should be publicizing what they really did.


  2. Hardnox says:

    Excellent post. Sadly, conservatives have let all this happen because we have been too busy building and nurturing and doing what productive citizens always do. The left has no such worries and then they rewrite the history books to cover their tracks.

    I have friends that are spooks and they complain that the admin pays absolutely no heed to their analysis. They are on a mission.

    An American Spring? I sure hope so… for the sake of all of us on the planet. There doesn’t seem to be any alternative. The pols surely won’t do what is correct.


    • bullright says:

      Thanks but these articles sure make the case. It has been a long time coming. You know, it takes their constant rewriting too, they’re quite diligent. They’ve been at war with the US over a century. Yea, I imagine there are still many intelligent people throughout the ranks. To erase history they’d have to eradicate them.


  3. Davetherave says:

    Excellent post my friend! For myself being such a history nut; I just got a great history lesson that makes me despise LBJ even more than before. No room left to despise WW, FDR or Barry anymore than already!

    Hell yeah stop putting these traitors on a pedestal and start publicizing their killing crusade as much as possible!

    The commie bastids are brutal in their tactics, but we already knew that. But to think LBJ took it to this level is just….WOW! What a cold heart SOB! That one flew under the radar to a less educated American society.

    And these f*cks have the gall to say Bush II was the worst pres ever??? These A-holes put us out to slaughter like lambs to the lions and the majority of us are so damn stupid they just say, “Uh. OK. If you say so…” Shall I once again bring up our once great nation will die of a terminal case of the dumb ass?

    P.S. I myself still eat much of the good ole food from many years past and I frigging love eggs! Being a southern person; there are some so called “bad foods” we just can’t and won’t give up. I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I’m by no means obese. Eat good, feel good and doc said my body is doing fine,


    • bullright says:

      Dave, that one slid right under the radar, I like eggs and dairy. (I think I could hug a dairy farmer) He sure set a new low, how many people around carry that torch, (its engrained …pardon dumb pun) How come it takes years for the truth to come out…at least publicly? Barry is just standing on top of the turd pile now.(and Hillary) But Goldwater knew it then.


  4. Here’s the shortest and most unusual comment I have ever left here, Bull. 🙂 I give you a musical accompaniment for your article:

    – Jeff


    • bullright says:

      Thanks never heard that. Good lyrics.

        I am watching it fall around me
        I am listening to every sound I hear
        I am doing what one man can do
        As the daylight is fading on the Eve
        Of the Great Decline…

      But this fits nicely.
      Hey, Jeff, after Jan-2009, I don’t think anything qualifies as strange anymore.
      (I knew that sounded familiar…)



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