Do you feel like I do?

A little personal commentary. Bundy redux.

With all that has happened in the last few weeks, I thought it was time take another look. Nevada, media coverage, government force, etc. et al.

Is anyone feeling burned by Bundy or his plight? Are you feeling let down, like you wasted your time and were deceived? Are you saying I made a big mistake and should have known better? Never again. Are you now angry at Cliven Bundy? Do you think this cost us big time politically, and that we will pay a price for it in the election? (real questions)

Well, I can’t say I really feel any of those. Apparently I’m obliged to because those are the thoughts we are supposed to have, according to all the major media. The left is defiantly trying to somehow rub conservatives’ nose in it. But as the left is so fond of saying, “there is no there there.” I guess I don’t get their point. So a guy had some views I don’t agree with, and mentioned them in the media. What exactly does that mean? He is not a world class spokesman. I see what it is supposed to mean according to media gods. In other words, there are a lot of people saying: “if he only didn’t say that. Now I cannot support or defend him in any battle.”

It gave the media a pivot point, an escape hatch…especially for those who didn’t want to pay attention to it anyway. ‘A cattle rancher in Nevada, why should anyone care?’ But there is no political victory here. The Left didn’t win anything, nor proved anything. There is a unified message from both sides of media that Bundy was not the correct poster child. “They should have picked a better poster child.” People don’t really pick or choose. The government targeted Bundy’s and was making them their poster child example.

Then came Bundy’s comments in the NYT, and as fast as it grew the people scurried off to the hills. Every man for himself. True the statements don’t help. But they didn’t have anything to do with the issues. The media suddenly made it all about racism. Racism was not the issue. Did they murder those cows and send swat teams in for his racist comments? Of course not. It’s just one more diversion from reality. Sure those were stupid and nasty comments for him to make, everyone can agree. But apparently they also invalidate any cause he has. Racism trumps all, including private property issues.

About now I could draw comparisons with what the hypocritical left actually did in OWS. But I’ll leave all that for now. Except that no one scurried off – even as fires burned and amid riots in Oakland. No, Leftists usually dig in their heels. (… defend bad teachers?) No, dredging up all OWS details or others would probably be another convenient diversion.

I also have the baggage of some personal experience. Years ago I was involved in a sort of local protest. All valid and very real, it drew media attention, and was chaotic at times. One day I said something to a reporter who had been covering it, sort of a question. He turned to me with an attitude and said ‘on a given day we have millions of viewers watching, and we get to decide what they are going to see.’ I was speechless and confused by the reaction, wondering what I said that deserved it? It was elite arrogance on display. They have the power to make or break a story, or end one. At least it showed me how they really are. This one confirms it. If it were a union battle, they will keep it alive – “stay tuned for more details”. Well, that is the way it always worked, pre-social media networks and the internet.

It is a Little different now, but media gods didn’t succumb to technology or the voice of the people. They still hold much the same attitude: when they turn out the lights that’s it. And when they turn them on, there is a reason, they get to decide. Sure, they will say “we’re just covering what the people care about”. But the reality is the power is in their hand, as the man said. In their view, people will pay attention to and care about what they show them. (its a powerful tool, so is omission)

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