Boehner calls vote for Select Committee

Boehner Announces Establishment of Select Committee on Benghazi

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff
May 2, 2014 2:05 pm

House Speaker John Boehner (R.-Ohio) announced on Friday that the House will vote to establish a select committee to investigate the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

“Americans learned this week that the Obama Administration is so intent on obstructing the truth about Benghazi that it is even willing to defy subpoenas issued by the standing committees of the People’s House,” said Boehner in a statement. “These revelations compel the House to take every possible action to ensure the American people have the truth about the terrorist attack on our consulate that killed four of our countrymen.”

Majority leader Eric Cantor (R.-Va.) echoed the sentiments of Boehner in a separate statement on the establishment of the Benghazi committee.

“The Obama Administration’s continued obstruction has made clear that it is time for a House Select Committee to force the Administration to end its stonewalling and come clean to congressional investigators, an inquiring media, and the American public.” said Cantor.

“Four Americans died at the hands of terrorists nearly 20 months ago, and we are still missing answers, accountability, and justice. It’s time that change,” added Boehner.

What took you so long. Eric Cantor has the same question to answer. What a difference an email makes, uh? Now they both have the same question to answer: why did this email make you finally call for the Select Committee? Was it the White House answers after or the emails themselves, or is it that you finally think its ready(ripe) for a real investigation?

Maybe you should all explain that for us. Inquiring minds would like to know. You could have already had the committee in place. And now the Left will say it’s just political posturing for the election. Never mind that an election, and politics, were the chief motives behind the scandal. While we can be happy you finally took the step, your motives are just as suspect about why you waited this long. And why did you have to be coerced into it?

11 comments on “Boehner calls vote for Select Committee

  1. bullright says:

    Now the bad ….or the glaring Arrogance:

    Already there is a post of that video on the NRCC website
    (national Republican Congressional Committee)

      “Stand with House Republicans as we continue to hold Democrats accountable for the truth of what happened in Benghazi:”

    But where in the hell were you, Boehner and Cantor, till now on establishing a committee? Up until weeks ago Boehner claimed it wasn’t needed.

    Now they say “jump on and support US... to hold them accountable.” complete with a plea for donations. Where were you? You didn’t want to stand behind us for justice for Benghazi. Now they want to lead the parade. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
    Results before donations. (but I am glad they finally came around to the people’s side)


  2. Davetherave says:

    Day late, dollar short, self serving Boehner and Can’ter. They’re just a joke that is not funny at all. News just hit the streets of both those bastards lying stating their was nothing going on with trying to add amnesty to a defense bill. Those jerks have some real nads to call out anyone else on “accountable for truth.”

    We sure do need an investigation and it’s time to start throwing folks in jail. We’ll get the oxygen sucking, useless ass investigations, but nothing will happen and certainly no one will go to jail. Pomp and glamor that’s not to be out done even by Oscar night.


    • bullright says:

      You hit it Dave, like a joke with no punch line. It’s pretty offensive that it didn’t take them hours to put up a fundraising link for it. Sort of ironic if you ask me.

      I hadn’t heard that version, but I see they’re hot on the amnesty trail. Funny how the majority of social feedback they are getting is criticism from libs pushing am-track and min-wage hikes. But it is all staged theatrics. I think judge Jeanine said its all theater about the WH, its the same with them. Let’s see who they actually talk to. Not to mention it will be “hush hush, its under investigation”….blah, blah.


    • bullright says:

      Acting a lot more like these guys, than credible reps…leaders


  3. bullright says:

    RUSH: “Darn right I was surprised. I couldn’t believe it happened, but they did it. Because the Republicans are not stopping the Democrats. There isn’t any pushback, yet they’re going to have this special Select Committee looking into Benghazi. And furthermore, they’re going to put a real tiger as the chairman, Trey Gowdy.”


  4. bullright says:

    Benghazi cover up is “Fool’s Gold”…


    • Davetherave says:

      Believe it or not; I kinda get what Donny is getting at (you probably thought I’d slam his ass!). The reality is what do Americans care about the most and that is what the Repukes need to put to the forefront to hammer continually. Benghazi does need to be investigated and an honest attempt to get to the bottom of it and those traitors is the administration pay for their crimes and I applaud the Repukes for staying on top of it. However; I don’t believe the Repukes cash cow is putting Benghazi first and foremost.

      Polls (I know…for whatever their worth) have continually shown the majority of Americans (sadly IMO) aren’t paying and aren’t going to pay a lot of attention to Benghazi. I believe the bread and butter is Obamacide. That is what the Repukes must hammer every minute of every day, because the majority of Americans are really pissed off about that biggest abortion of a law since…well…legalized abortion became law.

      Repukes do need to stay on top of Benghazi, but not get distracted thinking that issue is what’s going to give them a chance in the upcoming elections. Maybe that’s what Donny was trying to say. I don’t know. I do know Obamacide is the best opportunity for the Repukes to win big in the mid-term elections. That’s my humble opinion.


      • bullright says:

        Dave, I know what you mean, I kind of cringe when I hear it coming out of his mouth. There are no guarantees. In fact, the deck looks pretty stacked against it. They’ve had enough time now to arrange that. But on the good side, people have no patience for more failure. Now we’ll see if they can chew gum and walk at the same time.

        Funny how on both issues its very late in the game and they’re talking up their chances after 9.5 innings of ….well, failure to be kind. Only good thing is Gowdy doesn’t seem to be into the Georgetown scene, cocktails and fundraisers, or how it looks in the headlines, or what Democrats priorities are. But Boehner is still Boehner, and Cantor is still Cantor. — looking straight up the ladder now. Kicking it off with a F-raising didn’t impress me. If they let the young guns have some control …..but I guess they’re going to make us take it by force.


      • bullright says:

        I forgot to add that they probably will need a Select Committee for IRS too. They aren’t going to cooperate with oversight investigations either.

        And maybe the O- can get at least one more big scandal going before next year… well, between vacations?



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