Goal Posts and WH strategy

The goal posts are moving, again, now almost daily.

At first they said there was nothing to suggest the White House changed or had anything to do with altering the talking points on Benghazi.

Here you have a chief WH staffer, Ben Rhodes, telling and suggesting what Susan Rice should say in her Sunday talk-a-thon. Then Rice goes out on the talk shows blaming Benghazi attack on the video, per script.

Carney telling us that the email had nothing to do with Benghazi is like… well, and they claim we dabble in conspiracies? Am I to believe he wrote the email to Rice, prior to her talk-a-thon, and was explicitly NOT talking about Benghazi? (Sure) Why would he exempt Benghazi… where 4 Americans were viciously killed, and all the attention was focused, and what Susan Rice mostly talked about? Then they claim the Benghazi blame points came from the CIA, not so per Morell. So then she would have had to inject that video reason for Benghazi all by her lonesome. (that’s a wild theory)

That Rhodes was not even referring to Benghazi, even though he did mention it, doesn’t pass the smell test. In fact, it wreaks. The other absurdity on its face is that if in fact he did mean the video was the reason for the protests and violence, anywhere, then that really blames us and supplies terrorists a universal excuse. That was Mitt Romney’s problem as it was happening. But they would rather cling to some flimsy excuse for the perpetrators of violence than admit there was a real terrorist attack in Benghazi — unattached to a video.

If Rhodes was making the point about protests excluding Benghazi, then wouldn’t you think he (the WH) would have made a point to lay out a real cause for Benghazi itself, alone, untied to the other protests? No, he was referring to Benghazi.

But the goal post did move. The left said there was nothing connecting the WH to what was said in the talking points. Hello, there it is. Now they say it doesn’t. Their co-opting of the talking points were not even about Benghazi. Jay must have thought that one up by himself. Just connect what Rice said, explicitly referring to Benghazi, to Rhodes instructions in the email. Voila. She followed the script perfectly. Now they merely dismiss deny that Rhodes’ email, copied to everyone, had anything at all to do with Benghazi. Nancy says there is “nothing new”. Lets just say they stretched the goal posts from one place to another. Now they will claim this means nothing — denial.

Liars and liars, and liars. “No substantive changes…”- Jay Carney.

It’s pretty bad when CNN, with its own queen of spin, Crowley, thinks it’s absurd.

(…see if CNN gets anymore special interviews!)

RightRing | Bullright

9 comments on “Goal Posts and WH strategy

  1. bullright says:


      King was harshly critical of the administration’s handling of the massacre and its aftermath..”There is no disputing this: The explanations have at times been inconsistent, conflicting, and inaccurate … [Carney soundbyte on single minor change to talking points]. That’s just not true. We now know the National Security Council staff was behind several edits and the State Department pushed others.”


  2. Davetherave says:

    I guess this commie administration would rather have Benghazi at the forefront of news in attempt to get the disgrace called Obamacide moved to page 6 of the newspaper. They’re really scrambling right now. This has triple bogey written all over it!!


    • bullright says:

      Yea, Dave its almost funny in a way. They use one scandal against another. I think they want us overwhelmed by their self-created scandals. I believe it’s by design. And knowing full well that the wheels of gubmint spin slowly….through this stuff. No doubt they are popping corks somewhere in the White House.


    • bullright says:

      Let me take a quick count, Obama scandalized the Justice dep., the EPA, State dep, the HHS, Dep of Interior, DHS, CiA, education, …. well did he miss any? He’s got plenty of time. Oh the IRS and the VA. (take a bow Obama)


      • bullright says:

        Dang, I forgot Energy, treasury and labor. Commerce is in the works.


        • Davetherave says:

          We can throw in the SCOTUS IMO as well. Barry used either positive or negative reinforcement to get traitor Roberts to rewrite Obamacide, so he could pass it as a tax. Maybe ICE as well, because he’s stopped them from enforcing current laws. Oh yeah; the whole state of Hawaii where they swear he was born and keep churning out Photoshop proof!

          Pretty sad days when it’s so damn hard to keep up with all the scandals the pres of the US has initiated. Should we throw voter fraud into the category as well or does that just go under the “any and all demonrat” category??


          • bullright says:

            Man, I forgot the Supremes. The equal gov’t scandalizer. Easier to look for something he didn’t corrupt. And he’s still going. It seems to be a natural ability.


  3. Just Gene says:

    They didn’t move the goalposts, they said we won and tore the goalposts down.


    • bullright says:

      Good take Gene. That must be it. While their own language is littered with “win and fight” lingo. And every time we turn around they are calling for a 25 yard penalty.



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