Select Committee whoas and pose

With the announcement of a Select Committee formed by the House, there was a lot of strategizing going on yesterday. (as many reported)

What with the Democrats Sunday saying they are going to boycott it, they wasted no time. I guess they found something else they can turn into a “civil rights” issue.

Even Jay Carney said he did not know if the White House was going to comply with the investigation. Is this one of those “choice” things? Or is it another Holder thingy?

So thinking about it, you know what? If Dems go along it depends on what way, doesn’t it? Given their inherent radical nature, would you expect them to try to sabotage the investigation? It’s right up their alley. Being on the Select Committee, to do it from the inside. If Obama’s campaign can distort the death of 4 Americans, Dems could do anything. Leaking or supplying intel to the WH, or obstructing the process would fit their radical tactics.

Here’s “drop the radical pose” for the radical ends, Van Jones and Plouffe on Sunday

In fact, the odd thing was that Plouffe on Sunday(above) was talking about campaign strategy, and Jim Messina said early on that they needed to run as an insurgency. That’s the real mode they were in.

President Barack Obama’s supporters must “act like an insurgent campaign” if they want to ensure his 2012 re-election, campaign manager Jim Messina told supporters in a Web video Monday.

Using the charts and graphs that were then-campaign manager David Plouffe’s staple in 2008, Messina said he aims to “really reinvent this campaign” using technology. His goal is to “make 2008 look prehistoric,” Messina said, adding: “If we just run that same campaign, we stand a good chance of losing. We’ve got to run a new campaign.” — Roll Call

Here was his video presentation. Context matters. And that political context took precedence on 9/11/12.

“We ought to not act like an incumbent, we ought to act like an insurgent campaign that wakes up every single day trying to get every single vote we can…..scratch and claw for those votes.”

Any surprise then that this kind of campaign — and insurgent, scratch and claw mentality — would do anything possible to frame Obama in the best favorable light, even if it meant spinning or revising a terrorist attack on an Embassy facility in Libya killing four Americans? That… while Obama was out claiming al Qaeda was defeated and on the run. After they had promoted and extorted bin Laden’s death for all they could, politically. And after his countless victory laps for it.

Their reaction to Benghazi was scratch ‘n sniff politics, and it looked and smelled rotten. Four dead Americans and their circumstances will not go away.

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