What do you know….

Congressman Blasts Democrat Group For Supporting Terrorists

Democrats still signing MoveOn petition supporting group after 230 girls kidnapped for sexual slavery

Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX) — May 9, 2014 | Western Journalism

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stockman Friday asked Democrat-aligned group MoveOn.org to apologize for hosting an online petition opposing a terrorist designation for Boko Haram.

“Boko Haram has murdered thousands and kidnapped hundreds of little girls to sell into sexual slavery. It is beyond despicable for Democrat Party groups to support a terrorist organization,” said Stockman. “The Democrat Party group MoveOn should apologize for hosting supporters of kidnappers and terrorists.”

The petition, “Reject ‘Terrorist’ Designation for Boko Haram” was posted in 2012 and began gaining more signatures from Democrat Party activists after the group kidnapped 230 Nigerian girls to sell into sexual slavery.

It demands the Obama administration “not to support the formal designation of Boko Haram in Nigeria as a ‘Foreign Terrorist Organization’ (FTO).” The Obama administration, under then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, refused to designate Boko Haram a terrorist group, even after it bombed United Nations headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria in 2011. The group was finally designated a FTO in November 2013.

MoveOn is one of the biggest bankrollers of Democrat Party campaigns, spending $21.6 million on its programs in 2012. 100 percent of its PAC contributions went to Democrats.

In 2007, the group ran a full-page ad in the New York Times accusing General David Petraeus, Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, of being a traitor to the United States for supporting an increase in the number of troops in Iraq.

Surprise, surprise.

3 comments on “What do you know….

  1. Davetherave says:

    Really good post Bull. Sure no surprise BowelMovement.org supports terrorist. They love our Pharaoh and Barry loves towel head, terrorist.

    The situation with the demonrat party is now simply disgusting. They defy our laws, support every form of immoral behavior and kiss the ass of terrorist. Where in the hell are the “good” watchdog demonrats screaming at this abhorrent group that supports sex slave rings and terrorism? There’s either no “good” demonrats left or they just look the other way on this stuff, because they’re getting their own shit they want.

    Why don’t they just change their name to the Perverse Party and get it over with….


    • bullright says:

      Hey Dave, thanks, but bowel movement takes it to a whole new level. Good one. Wish I thought of that. Yea where are the good old Biue Dogs as they called themselves? Gone, aborted.
      Pervs does have a ring to it. 😀


  2. […] stupid it looks and sounds. Progressives never cared about that, which goes to the next point. The prior post shows MoveOn.UG has its panties in a bunch drawing their own red lines. Do not label Boko Haram a […]



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