Los Angeles Hearts Islam: Terror Gets Its Own Month

Okay, how’s that for obnoxious? In July? Heritage?

I suggest everyone in America, who doesn’t belong to their moonbat contingent, should claim they are offended by this. Sure it defies all logic and reason, just what the Left does best. How about a Jihadi parade? (before the ceremonies begin)

Socialism is not the Answer


Free Republic

It’s official…LA IS La-La Land. In a frenzied attempt to prove their “diversity”, the Los Angeles City Council adopted a resolution on Wednesday recognizing the contributions of the Muslim American community and declared July 2014 as Muslim American Heritage Month. Seriously, people…put down the Bong and back away, slowly…

This decision begs the question: Was everyone on the LA City Council conscious during this vote?

Not only has the Islamic community NOT contributed to the United States in any beneficial way, BUT they have not benefited freedom NOR humanity since the inception of Islam in the 7th Century.

A blood-thirsty ideology, started by a tyrannical politician (Muhammed), who…not unlike the world despots today…destroyed all his non-supporters. His devout followers today follow ever-so-carefully in his bloody footsteps. Obedient to the words of the Quran, the Hadiths (sayings of the prophet) and the Sunnah (practices of the prophet)…these religious…

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One comment on “Los Angeles Hearts Islam: Terror Gets Its Own Month

  1. […] in the administration recently say there will be a caliphate, and welcomed it. (maybe we just listen) Hearing the agenda from an American-born person should also tell us, if anything can. It’s […]



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