Win, lose or draw straws

Obama is under the gun. You’d think to hear him talk that conservatives and Republicans are his biggest opposition. Not so according to the Supreme Court’s decisions.

He lost a series of decisions.

Lawyers said the government traditionally averages about a 70 percent winning percentage before the high court. Its advantages are so great that the Justice Department’s chief Supreme Court attorney, the solicitor general, is dubbed the “10th Justice.” — WT

“He was found to be in violation of the Fourth Amendment on privacy, then another case found him in violation of separation of powers. Now he’s been found in violation of religious rights in the First Amendment,” said George Washington law professor Johnathon Turley.

He suffered a blow on the union decision. The Massachusetts decision on abortion clinic protest restrictions was roundly defeated. While those were not Obama himself it was a defeat for the left. He is the most pro-abortion president we’ve had.

In fact, according to Washington Times, Obama has been “winning just more than a third of the cases in which it was involved.”

But during the 2012-13 term, which began in October and ended Wednesday, the court rejected Mr. Obama’s arguments on property rights, affirmative action, voting rights and other issues.

“Despite some notable victories, the Obama administration has had an unusually poor batting average at the high court,” said Adam Winkler, a constitutional law professor at UCLA. “Like last year, the Obama administration lost more cases than it won.”

As he is also getting smacked from other places on the world stage — Putin and Russia, polls on his own foreign policy, the Middle East caliphate crunch, the immigration crisis — he dismisses those, yet portrays himself as a victim of Republicans in Congress.

This victim status is highly convenient and critical to his overall strategy. Portraying himself as a victim allows others to play the race card. At a time where he continues to make good on his threats of unilateral action, in spite of getting a smack down from SCOTUS, he now promises even more executive action ahead.

So painting himself the victim is convenient — act like a victim while staging an attack. Democrats encourage unilateral action, and Sen. Durbin says Obama will “borrow power” from Congress on immigration.  Rep. Luis Gutierrez said Tuesday that President Barack Obama has the power to “heal” undocumented immigrants. But what will heal the US?

The “Executive pen” never runs out of ink. And we don’t seem to run out of tolerance.

RightRing | Bullright

5 comments on “Win, lose or draw straws

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Great post Bull.

    Ah, that is an interesting concept about him playing the victim so we can all be called racists. I don’t think it will work anymore. It’s a dead issue and people are just downright sick of being called racists. Even blacks are unhappy with him and is that racist?

    Ha, “borrowing power from Congress. What an idiotic thing to say and it shows Turban Durbin knows nothing about the Constitution either or just plain ignores it like the Emperor.

    I wonder too about the unending tolerance people have. I would have thought there would have been an uprising by now. But I do think there are too many people in this country who don’t know about anything in the Constitution and others just watch dumb TV shows and know nothing about what is going on in this country. Two deadly scenarios for people like us who know better. We are all hostages of these morons.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, I hope by now the racism crap is played. It should be. That seems to be the only thing holding this bag of human excrement up.

      He’s almost making muzzies look rational. The danger meter is pegged on critical.I agree so many of those “person in the street” scenarios either don’t have a clue or think none of it matters anyway. And the media isn’t going to help them out one bit. Isn’t it funny how fox is the problem. In fact, I’m almost sick of seeing those Water’s World, man in the street segments. It’s rather depressing. “Hostages to these morons” is so accurate. We’re all paying some heavy price now and he isn’t through.


      • peppermintfarm says:


        I hope that racism charge is buried now. It’s like crying wolf when there is no wolf. Screaming racism has lost its’ charge being used on every damn issue there is.

        Yeah, Obozo almost does make muzzies look rational but then again I think he is one himself.

        I get depressed too over Waters World man in the street thing because all the morons talk and you realize they don’t have a clue about anything. WTH do these people do to remain so utterly clueless and make things really bad on us?


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, it doesn’t make sense either with all their new 24/7 communications. They can’t walk across the street without looking down at their phones. All that “information”? I watched 3 girls crossing main street and one girl(or woman) was staring at her phone until they got on the sidewalk on the other side. Only because I thought these girls are coming across, I better get stopped. But right, they have us paying for it.


          • peppermintfarm says:

            Bull, I think you hit the jack pot about people being on their electronic devices so much that they even cross streets without looking up. I find it very irritating when people put you on hold to take a cell phone call. i usually just hang up on them because I think it’s rude. And them walking around yakking to whoever in loud voices. Good grief.

            Yeah, and we pay for all their ignorance because they have no room in their lives to even find out what’s going on this country.

            My grand children have all the electronic gadgets now and at times they don’t look up for hours. I don’t know what the heck they’re doing on those things.

            I do like when they email me though with their smart phones. Good grief, a ten and election year old with all that stuff. But in their case, at least, Peggy and Chris make them go outside and get plenty of exercise and have them involved in all kinds of activities. So they are not on those devices all day long. That would make Peggy and Chris livid.



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