Murrieta the example


A NY Times article made sure to describe Murrieta as “middle-class conservative”.

“Nowhere have the Central American immigrants been met with such tremendous anger as they have here, in this middle-class conservative community about 90 miles southeast of Los Angeles.”

What difference does it make what type of city or town it is? But it says nothing about what type people the illegals are. Who knows? Isn’t it funny how that works? Suddenly the citizens of the community are scrutinized under a microscope instead of the problem.

And racism? It wouldn’t matter who or what nationality they were. But the fact is they are who they are. They could be Canadians, Costa Ricans, Argentineans or Brazilians.(by nationality not race) The same questions and problems would result. But they aren’t.

Murrieta already has a 25% Latino population. So don’t claim the racist crap. If they bussed in white transients from LA, and dumped them off, it would be the same problem and a similar reaction. Then to have the resources of the community left to deal with it is just crazy.

“We didn’t ask for this problem — it was just dumped at our doorstep,” said Mayor Alan Long, who has lived here most of his life and told residents he planned to send a “fat bill” to President Obama. “This is a nationwide problem, and little Murrieta has taken the lead.”

Why is it when they come here, or Mexicans already here, always refer to “our people”? Yet when anyone generalizes who they are, they complain about stereotyping their people. I see TV commercials by Latino organizations talking about expressing the voice and speaking up for “our people”. Really, what about speaking up for Americans? That seems to be frowned on.

A local resident objected saying:

“We came here because they are attacking our people, people just like us,” said Ana Larios, 42, a Mexican immigrant who moved to Murrieta with her children from Los Angeles nearly a decade ago. “I never knew people felt this way until now. It’s shocking and embarrassing.”

Funny, if she didn’t notice anything, it makes the case for the community. Ten years and she didn’t feel it because it isn’t there. Now she wants to imply some sort of racism after admitting that there is none.

I saw a sign somewhere: ‘justice not deportation’. Since when is deportation injustice?


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11 comments on “Murrieta the example

  1. peppermintfarm says:


    What BS! This has nothing to do with racism but with being able to bear the cost, plus people want the border secured to keep this type of influx from happening. Like you said on my post, the King is responsible for this and I believe it’s deliberate in an attempt to force Congress to sign his bill which I don’t think contains border security.

    Now, hitting this one town and calling them racists is ridiculous. I put up another post yesterday which I think got buried, called “Invasion coming your way”.

    There is a map you can link to from the article how the King is trying to ship these people into other states and the people are protesting too. We’re just not hearing about this yet.

    I take it that lots of towns don’t want these illegals and I’m sure they are all not conservatives. But leave it to the NYC to lie and keep the real problem, the invasion of our country off the map of subjects. Just blame it on ordinary Americans when it’s Obama to blame for this.


    • bullright says:

      Thanks Pepp, so right there is nothing so far dealing with border security, He turned on all the faucets and its pouring in, the first thing we must do is turn off the main. As Sheriff Arpaio said, don’t tell me this country cannot control its borders if it wanted to.

      Yea they are shipping them wherever, on our dime. Free services to all. I guess they will try to block that coverage, except to make an example (Alinsky-esque) How do the protestors become the problem? The amount of logistics cannot be without some planning either.

      And I wonder if they give them a choice as to locations? But we know they are giving no one any choice, and now they aren’t going to tell them when they’re coming either. There is no one to blame but Obama.

      But no one can trust anything he does. So why would anyone pass a bill when you cannot trust him. He does what he wants anyway and rewrites legislation to suit himself or ignores laws. So we just tell him no one can trust you, to work with, fix or even negotiate with . He has no credibility on anything ….except destroying the country.


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Well, that’s the crux of it isn’t it? No one can trust the King to carry out what needs to be done so like you said, why bother to pass a bill? It is astounding what he is getting away with because he knows there will be no impeachment. Even the blacks are fed up with him. I have a black male friend at the senior center who voted for him the first time, but not the second time. He is so disgusted by the King he spits blood from his eyeballs.

        I said something to him that the King won’t be impeached because the elite pols are afraid of a black uprising and he said, “I doubt it” because the blacks are as upset as we are, especially with all of this illegal invasion and the high unemployment among blacks.

        Oh, I doubt if towns have a choice and now since there have been protests at other towns over the invasion coming to theirs, they sure won’t tell other places around the country what they plan to do now just like in Murieta.

        I’ve been keeping the news on to see what happens in Murieta if another bus shows up today.


        • bullright says:

          Wow, that’s interesting that the blacks are that mad. The Dems and Obama sure don’t know that. Maybe his new friends are Latinos and he doesn’t care? But I bet they don’t have a clue how much resentment they bred out there.

          Now they’ll do surprise drop offs. These elitists don’t want to tell the people anything they’re doing. And by the time we find out it’s already done.


          • peppermintfarm says:

            Bull, since the King pays no attention to anyone, yes, blacks are very upset with him.

            Besides the immigration issue, blacks are sick of him doing nothing about any issue and they feel he’s ruined it for any good black man who would run for president knowing the King has ruined their chances for maybe a hundred years. They are embarrassed by him and hate even talking about him or hearing him talk. That’s how bad it is now.

            Oh, the King doesn’t care what anyone thinks and that includes blacks. They want the Hispanics to be their next big voting block and we see before our eyes how that is coming about.

            On Fox last night, Starnes, a Fox reporter who has inside sources at Lackland AFB said there is now a huge epidemic of TB among the kids housed there. The workers have been threatened with firing and jail sentences if they talk so they are talking to Starnes as long as he does not reveal who they are. He said he lice are so bad the workers can see the bugs crawling on their faces. And nothing is being done about all of this.

            Even service men coming back from battle areas have to be deloused before entering the States. My brother had to be as all the men in Nam had lice from there. But, with these illegals they do nothing. I really feel sorry for those towns where these people will be foisted on their community with these diseases.


            • bullright says:

              Yea and about 99% of it created by the WH when they don’t really care about anybody. They are using this, Hispanics, the way they use blacks, women, contraceptives, voter ID and the environment for their political gain. Meanwhile, a caliphate forms and he couldn’t care less. (or maybe he and Jarrett are privately celebrating.) Putting our military at risk seems like its right up his alley.


  2. bullright says:

    Obama playing politics on the border crisis.(again)
    A Dallas judge does an MSNBC interview about helping illegals, and saying he spoke to Catholic and Baptist charities and clergy. They want to help and take 2,000 of the children. The next day Valerie Jarrett announces that Obama would now like to have a meeting with Perry and some local faith-based leaders, in Dallas.

    The Hill

    “The President would welcome a meeting with you while he is in Texas. In addition, he asked me to invite you to join him for a meeting to discuss the situation on the border with faith leaders and local elected officials in Dallas on Wednesday,” [Valerie Jarrett] said.


  3. thomlucci says:

    San Antonio, Texas, did not ask to have thousands of Katrina victims dumped in their city, but they were. AND—as soon as they found residences paid for by the government, the crime rate went up dramatically. I read a newspaper article that stated many of the Katrina people relocated were scheduled to appear in a courtroom in New Orleans for crimes they committed. So, they escaped judgement and decided to continue their lives of crime in San Antonio. San Antonio residents have always deeply regretted the govt dumping off those criminals in their city. I can understand the protests in California against dumping illegal immigrants off in their cities.


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