Just plain wrong

A little comparison demonstrates how wrong the media’s perception has been.

They pegged Reagan a failure and they projected Obama a great success.

Obama invoked Reagan many times, but has yet to compare himself to Carter.

Here’s a multiple choice….

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8 comments on “Just plain wrong

  1. peppermintfarm says:


    The King has a lot of gall to compare himself to Reagan. What a joke. And he’s even worse than Carter, being voted the worst president ever. I believe he is completely delusional and we have a madman in the White Mosque


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, () so right the man is delusional. He believes everything bounces off him. But apparently people don’t believe so. I bet there were reverberations all the way to the situation room in the W-H when that poll came out. Valerie Jarrett has probably been pointing her finger.

      But like he says, what does he care, he’s not running again. Screw the people who were good enough to elect him. And I don’t think we ever had a guy with so many psychological “issues” as this gangsta tyrant. Whenever he uses the word “truth”, which he tried to about the border, I go into a gagging fit.


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Bull, thx for the fix.

        yes, he does think everything revolves around him, a pure sign of a narcissist. I believe Valerie probably had a tizzy fit over that poll but is now in the process of thinking of more evil ways to punish the people. As far as the King I don’t think he believes it being so full of himself.

        LOL! A gagging fit when he uses the word “truth”. I do too. He doesn’t know the truth if it were staring him in the face. I read this morning the WH line is still “that our borders are more secure than ever”. Can you believe this madness??????

        Yep, he has so many psychoses going on all at once and indeed he is a tyrant. I am so angry we are stuck with this maniac. Thanks to all those uninformed voters who brought this on us. That makes me angry too.


  2. drrik says:

    His only feedback except for the yes-men is what he reads in the mainstream press. Since they don’t report his failures, he is unaware of them.


    • bullright says:

      We can hope one day he has an encounter with real history and his head explodes. He couldn’t handle it. Bad enough he can’t have made any mistakes ….but a bad legacy? Egads.



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