Obama’s Denial Doctrine in full view

Washington Times:

“When folks say they’re frustrated with Congress, let’s be clear about what the problem is. I’m just telling the truth now. I don’t have to run for office again, so I can just, you know, let it rip,” the president said. “So far this year, Republicans in Congress have blocked or voted down every serious idea to strengthen the middle class.”

Specifically, Mr. Obama blasted Republicans for opposing a hike in the nation’s minimum wage to $10.10, not backing the administration’s plan to pour billions of dollars into infrastructure and other agenda items.

He also mocked House Speaker John A. Boehner’s plan to sue him for executive overreach.

“Sue him. Impeach him. Really? Really? For what? You’re going to sue me for doing my job? OK. I mean, think about that. You’re going to use taxpayer money to sue me for doing my job while you don’t do your job,” Mr. Obama said. “I’ve got a better idea — do something.”

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There is a river of denial running through the White House, and right down Pennsylvania Ave. Obama is out to blame anyone he can. He makes a complete mockery out of the Constitutional process. (they were supposed to be laugh lines)

But wait, he goes 300 miles from the border to rant and never mentions the border crisis? What detached discombobulation. Then says “lets be clear about what the problem is” without wanting to even see the problem crisis. That was the best SNL line I ever heard.

Oh well, who cares, certainly not him? He’s off to Martha’s Vineyard with the First Bitch. So what does a crisis matter? No crises exist on Martha’s Vineyard, where everyone will be wrapped in pomp and circumstance. “The border, what border?” Where T-time means “Tee-time”. The only border he’s worried about is on the fairway.

Obama “just telling the truth now”?  I have a bridge and a border for sale.

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7 comments on “Obama’s Denial Doctrine in full view

  1. thomlucci says:

    The first bitch? Shouldn’t that be the first Queen? The first transgender spouse to a president? I agree with you 100%. Barry Soetoro [Barack’s birth name] is the most despicable man to ever hold the office of president. Pardon my language, but he is worth not more than a sewer full of shit.


  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Wow, I love what thomlucci said. I couldn’t have said it better and agree with him.

    Great post Bull and love your commentary.

    I found none of his “laugh lines” very funny myself. Just what job does he do? It certainly isn’t that of a prez, but of trailer trash hitting the lottery and squatting on someone’s property using up everything they can. Meanwhile the trash destroys the property because he knows he has another safe place to go after he’s done using it all up. And the hell with the people who are all suffering due to this destruction. He’s not capable of caring about anyone but himself. And the faux queen is right in it with him, scooping up every bit of tax payers dollars she can get her hands on.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, that summed it up. There is no way he can empathize with another human being — for obvious reasons. Perception is the king to him. Like Bubba said, “this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen” and it keeps going on against all reason. The longest string of lies ever told.


      • peppermintfarm says:


        I think for one of the first times Clinton hit the nail on the head when he made that statement. He was right then and he is now.


  3. Just Gene says:

    First they invent, then they can vent.



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