Churches stand with extremist politics over Israel

To all you churches, clergy and hierarchy, et al: are you proud of yourselves now? (you know who you are) Are you satisfied with the fruits of your efforts over the past few years? You are reaping the harvest you have sown and participated in.

You have not fooled us all in your political maneuvers. It’s time to ante up and face your actions. You have defended so-called Palestinians in their war against Israel. You have petitioned our government and Congress to stop and audit aid to Israel.

You called on UN to take actions against Israel, and complained publicly about human rights abuses. Despite Israel’s respectful protest, you organized and participated in boycotts — aka BDS movement. You have divested your organizations of stocks in Israeli contractors and independent companies that do business with Israel.

(NYT) The Christian leaders’ letter acknowledged that both Israelis and Palestinians had suffered, and that both sides bore responsibility. But it called for an investigation into only Israel’s activities.

The Jewish leaders said such an approach was a double standard. The Palestinian Authority also receives foreign aid from the United States and has also been accused of rights violations, they said.

“Where’s the letter to Congress about Syria, which is massacring its own people?” said Rabbi Steven Wernick, the chief executive of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. “When Israel is the only one that is called to account, that’s when it becomes problematic.”

All this in an orchestrated attempt to hurt both Israel and those it does business with. If that is not enough, you allied yourselves with some of the most extreme political elements of the radical Left, both here and internationally.

The Jewish leaders were shocked not just by the content of the letter, but also by the fact that the Christian leaders had not given them any warning. Both sides have been participating for eight years in a Christian-Jewish Round Table designed to heal wounds over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It was Monday’s meeting that the Jewish leaders canceled.

You publicly pursued this agenda while representing thousands, if not millions, of people under your leaderships. You justified this under the guise of social justice, and Christian principles. You even introduced the ideas supporting and celebrating these actions in your regional conferences. All that brings us up to date with present circumstances.

Now Israel has been under attack for weeks of daily rocket fire. In one recent barrage, there were 40 rockets in 20 minutes in one area. That is two rockets per minute or one every 30 seconds. As a response to the rockets, Israeli citizens are under constant air raid alarms and warnings.

Then came justified defensive responses from Israel on the Gaza and so-called Palestinian sources. 1000+ rockets were fired upon Israel before this action. They waited ten days before going in on the ground to stop these attacks. Yet at least twice during Hamas-led Palestinian offenses — armed by Iran — our US government and President have contacted Israel calling for restraint. Obama pleaded to minimize damage on structure and lives. That while the Hamas/Palestinian objective is always the destruction of innocent lives, and maximizing the damage.

So these churches, clergy and leaders, as well as the other organizations that allied themselves against Israel for months and years, have culpability in this outcome. To many people, indeed Christians, this was predictable. You allied yourselves with those calling for Israel’s destruction and listed as terrorists by our government and others.

You may argue it was not the churches directly but activists within tied to them. Except that they operated in positions of leadership while gloatingly participating in activism and appeared to represent their members.

Now it has come to harvest, and the results of those efforts are clear to those who have eyes to see. The churches have blood on their own hands for further fueling conditions through advocacy and de facto sanctions of Israel. Nonetheless, you have chosen sides. The present circumstances place blame on your hands.

How long can you continue in this bias direction? I hope your collective conscience and financial portfolios are satisfied. These are the results. You have blame on your hands

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” – (Mark 4:9)

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13 comments on “Churches stand with extremist politics over Israel

  1. peppermintfarm says:


    Excellent article. Wow, what hypocrisy from these church leaders!

    Now I’d like to know who all signed this letter. I couldn’t find the signatures.

    No other country but Israel has shown such patience with these monsters. Right now, Hamas has the stage using Iranian rockets reigning down on the southern part of Israel. But, we also know through Purplegimp that the Hizzies in Lebanon throw rockets over into Israel on a constant basis, but so far their rockets are not targeted. I’m sure Iran will supply them with better rockets. The whole of Israel is under siege constantly.

    Another thing that ticks me off about these church leaders is do they even know what Israel does for the Palestinians? Israel supplies them with electricity, water, money, all kinds of goods to build in their country to help them make a more prosperous country. And what is their thanks for this? Constant attacks.

    You are right, these church leaders have blood on their hands. Disgusting.

    I finally went to bed last night and got little sleep. LOL! So it took me quite awhile to type this. Brain fuzz.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, thanks for that comment. The more I dig and hear the more irritated I get at it. They stepped way away from fair or objective. Its flat into the liberal land of politics. I could not remain silent over it.

      You’re so right, with what Israel does for them, and we do for them, and the world. This is the result. It shows where that money goes, into rockets and hatred. They destroy their land.and infrastructure,like the sewage system. They are perpetual victims. I don’t hear anyone asking to audit “Palestinians” aid or call their actions in front of the UN. They all put blinders on to what they are doing, and this is expected from Hamas. So now they are funding terrorist orgs., again. Even the cease fire they use to resupply.

      But these are supposedly intelligent leaders and clergy with large churches, and they publicly take these positions proudly. Yet this is just one of the symptoms. Of course this was directed mainly at protestant churches but they aren’t alone either. It seems sort of pointless to me.

      I hear you I need my coffee, as always.


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Bull, I sure got irritated when I read your article about these so called Christian churches. Yeah, I’m so shocked that ethese churches are so liberal. I guess that’s one reason we never get abortion turned around or do they not believe in that?

        I wonder how their people who attend these churches feel about this? Or perhaps they are a bunch of libs too?

        Yeah, the supplies Israel gives to those Palestinians just go for destructive ways to kill Israelis. It really blows me away that these people are that full of hatred.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, Partial list of signatories, and on other anti-Israel activism: The Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans, United Church of Christ, Mennonites, American Baptists, Orthodox Peace Fellowship, and scores of Christian ministry orgs.

      And time after time, on certain issues, it reads like a who’s who of liberalism.

      >“These very liberal churches include Presbyterians, Methodists, Episcopalians, Lutherans, and the United Church of Christ. They presently number about 16 million. Their membership and influence in the United States continue to decline. These churches’ rhetoric is usually outdone by an even harsher one of a small group of so-called ‘peace churches,’ including the Mennonites and Quakers.”<

      Full disclosure: I’ve had ties to at least 3 of them. And I would not say, in most cases, that these positions are that well-supported by most congregations. Yet these are the political positions of the hierarchy and clergy activists. For what my opinion is worth. (won’t buy you coffee but…)


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Wow, I am quite shocked about the Quakers and Mennonites. I would have never dreamed they felt that way about the Jews.

        Oh so you know first hand about some of these churches and that their people support this kind of hatred.

        In my talks with the Amish I was told that they would not vote for Romney because he’s a Mormon. I guess that old myth of Mormons marrying many women has never died out. Well I should say the all the Amish did not feel that way. I’ve never heard them talk about the Israelis. I found with the Amish they don’t like to talk bad about anyone. It must be part of their religion. If they can’t say something good, they don’t say it.

        Yeah, I finally got over my fuzzy head after my 2 cups of coffee. But I’m still making a lot of typos which thank God WP lets me know. LOL!


        • bullright says:

          My comment was lost in space.

          Pepp, I do have ‘some‘ first hand knowledge of it. Seems there is a mix of ignorance and hatred.IMO It surprises me about Quakers and Mennonites, I didn’t think they were too politically active — which was always my complaint. We see the results of that.

          Some ideas don’t die out I guess. Romney was stigmatized from many directions. I just don’t think Quakers are that politically active and they are quiet to themselves.


          • peppermintfarm says:

            Bull, I”m sure you do have first hand knowledge and I didn’t think the Quakers and Mennonites were that knowledgeable about political things except they don’t want to send any of theirs to wars.

            I have to say I find that very disappointing about these sects.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, I’m with you on impressions. You know that I know a few Hasidic Jews that are quiet and reserved too, whether they are aware of current events and details. But likely aren’t that aware of Obama’s maneuvers.


          • peppermintfarm says:

            Bull, sadly they are probably not aware of the King’s real agenda. They sure so know it in Israel though according to Golan who calls me from there since Purplegimp died. They detest the man. If you can call that creep a man.


          • bullright says:

            Yea, Pepp, if you can call him human.LOL They don’t seem to get the whole picture here.


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  3. bullright says:


      I regret not mentioning what this movement wants. They want all aid to Israel stopped. Then they want that money or aid to be redistributed to Hamas and Palestinians et al, such as enemies of the US and Israel. It was an oversight, but most people here probably know that.


  4. […] churches or clergy sign a petition to the UN to investigate aid to Israel, no problem with that lobbying. But there is never any dialogue, criticism of left wing positions […]



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