Churches: coming attractions

I’ve already mentioned the churches’ activism on other current matters. So what’s next on the social-activism calendar for the churches?

The word call is out in churches for a rally the last day of July to the first day of August, July 31st- August 1st. It’s labeled a civil disobedience rally at the White House, in cooperation with churches, Christian groups, and others. “Civil disobedience” rally — cue the civil rights theme and sloganeering.

Some may question my reason for mentioning it? Well, because it deserves to be, ahead of time. This is not backroom stuff, it is in the public and they are proud of it. If it is one thing they take pride in it is their social “activism”.

What is their purpose? Simply, take a message to Washington, namely to the White House — i.e. President Obama. The message: stop deportation of illegals. The usual participants are involved, asking people to “Join Picketing In D.C. On Immigration“.

Using Congress as the excuse:

“…the lack of action by Congress, President Obama can and should grant administrative relief from deportation and expand deferred action for additional undocumented persons.”

Now there can be no doubt that this one is by members and activists – clergy et al. It’s focused right at the White House, specifically Executive action. It doesn’t seem to matter that lack of action on the border is what has caused this. Now this is the action they are calling for. So there you have it, another issue to organize their activism around.

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4 comments on “Churches: coming attractions

  1. Just Gene says:

    Shit – Marx was wrong – power doesn’t come out of a gun anymore – it comes out of a phone and a pen when the DICKtater does favors for sheeple who adore him. If he was accused of rape, these same sheeple would say that she asked for it.


    • bullright says:

      Right.. “have Executive pen and phone, will travel” should be his motto. Yep, they would.


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Oh, brother, what a POS. So what do they think is going to happen with all these unchecked illegals running around our country spreading disease and crime. Human rights, my butt. Where are the human rights for those of us already living here? There is no respect for out rights actually “in the Constitution” ignored by the feds. We have the right to expect our federal government to protect us from foreign and domestic invasion and that is what is going on. Up theirs with this human rights crap.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, oh so right. What is this provoking? Yes they claim to stand against human rights abuse.

          So true, the purpose of government is to secure our rights, not those of someone in Quatemala or other when they can’t do the first too well.(if at all)



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