Obama’s Casablanca problem

The infamous scene from Casablanca is the line “shocked that there’s gambling going on here.” No one could be that naive, it would seem. I’ve said my Casablanca face is wearing thin. How many times can you feign shock when the reality is you should have expected it? It’s tough to remain surprised anymore.

That brings me to the point in this post. Obama’s problem; it’s not necessarily a problem with reality. The problem is his reaction to reality. His perception is a problem.

Now we have a large percentage of people in the US that are not shocked anymore by the scandals, his rhetoric, the conditions and our policies, or even by the condition of the country. People are beyond that, they are in Casablanca now.

We also have a saying: “I’m from Missouri,” the “show me” state. When we’ve gotten to the point where we expect corruption and cannot give politicians any benefit of doubt, much less trust them, then we are in a dark place. But where we are not is the state of denial. At this point, they’d have to show us something, consistently. Obama speechifies about being consistent. He’s consistently wrong.

In denial seems to be where Obama is though. In denial that we are on to him and see through him, that his policies are not the cure he thinks they are. In denial about the causes and effects of real problems. Denial about reality.

The old line on Russia was “trust but verify.” We can’t trust politicians and can’t verify anything….except our reason not to believe them. For some unknown reason this does not seem to bother Captain Denial. He seems to relish that we don’t trust him, just as long as we can’t trust anyone else either. It’s fine with him.

But now he is talking it up by saying the dangdest things to the dangdest people. He asks his base of borderless Brahmas, when they demand he take more executive action and decrease deportation for illegal aliens, “You’re not going to get me impeached, are you?” Does he now see a Constitutional limit on his executive credit card? No, it’s an excuse. He claimed he has lots of other stuff to do too.(and more EOs) He’s reminding them that they brung him to the dance, and need to go home with him at the end. (as Rangel says)

As for the rest of us, in growing numbers, we’re in Casablanca. Nothing he does should shock us anymore. But we aren’t alone, the rest of the world doesn’t believe Obama much either. For a faith-based candidate and a faith-based presidency, that says something.

RightRing | Bullright

4 comments on “Obama’s Casablanca problem

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, this article is excellent too. Wow, you sure do a great job of putting things into one great analysis.

    I think you should be writing for a nationwide magazine or newspaper.

    I love your line about we can’t trust nor verify. What truth! I’ve got Fox on and Peter King is complaining about Putin not following the law. i wish he’d come down as hard on Obama.

    But, just like you said we can’t trust anyone in DC these days. They are in denial as much as Zero is.

    No I don’t think I’m shocked anymore by the Emperor’s actions. Like in Casablanca wasn’t there a line “Play it again Sam”? Or have I got that line mixed up?

    Anyway that’s what we can expect, “play it again Obama”. We know the song by heart now, it’s expected and our reactions are expected. “Here we go again” we say in our minds. And we know whatever he does nothing will be done about it. One day ripples into the next as the beat marches on, the same old one we’ve seen since he took office.


    • bullright says:

      Oh, bless you heart, Pepp. LOL Thanks for the compliment. You’re too kind. I don’t know about that….This one was a while coming. I’d compare it to giving birth but I don’t know how that feels. 🙂

      I think I saw that too, King wouldn’t condemn the king’s actions. Doesn’t he have the guts to draw a line? It is not a pretty landscape. Yea that was a famous line too. That line works. Been a while since I’ve seen it but It will be in whole new light next time. We sure are in a new era. In the movie weren’t some hiding out from the US? We have a strange turn around now, they all are attracted here.

      You’re so right, you explained it. He can’t shock us and we can’t be optimistic about reactions either. Even in his first campaign we had that feeling. We haven’t been proven wrong…..but just the opposite, correct.


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Bull, you are quite welcome. And knowing how giving birth feels I can feel your pain. LOL!

        This is one time I hate being proven right because it has meant so much pain and agony for all of us in the US.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, boy that’s for sure, there is no satisfaction in being right on how bad he is. Dems acted as if we were hoping for it when we are the only ones that care what he’s doing..



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