Welcome to Circleville, formerly USA

(no offense to any towns named Circleville.) A little venting, and then some.

Circleville is a place that used to be just called USA, but much has happened to change that. Now its a place where upside down is rightside up, down is up, in is out, and most arguments are shrouded in specious reasoning and circular logic. It’s no longer important to even appear reasonable or rational. Actually, it is vogue to be unreasonable.

Whatever you find fault with, they tell you there is nothing you can do about it and your grievance is the real problem, so don’t worry about it. Your complaints are irrelevant.

But the only way you really know it is Circleville and not the USA is when you dissent from their status quo, or what is happening. To buck the trend is to be outcast. They use all this circular logic to tell you how you are wrong. It doesn’t actually prove anything, it is just supposed to shut you up. Slowly, you will either get used to it or just shut up.

One way or another you will be worn down to agree that up is down and down is up, and even like it — that is the goal. In the meantime, it all seems rather backward and does not make sense. They are confident that one day you will agree or at least stop making waves.

This consensus that runs things is driven by the desires of the “correct” populace who are always looking to evolve a little more. There is no limit to this evolution. (call it forced evolution) However, there is a severe restriction against not changing. Failure to change is now taboo — which will bring all the names down on you such as knuckle-dragger. You are considered the problem, not those bent on changing everything.

The heroes are those like Bill Ayers and traitors, or those deserters in the military they want to build monuments to. Real, traditional heroes are discarded as non-conformists and considered part of the problem. So their hero status is revoked, if it was ever justifiable.

To win is to lose. To lose is definitely winning, such as losing the US which they consider gain. But when you ask, they say “sure America is exceptional”… but so is Guatemala, Honduras, and Cuba, N Korea, Russia, etc. All things are equal, you know, except when they say they aren’t.

The same principles followed Obama into the Oval Office. The scandal-plagued administration rewards those who screw up and, in some cases, deliberately violate the law.(what is the law anyway?) They are celebrated. We have members of Congress with checkered pasts, who not only retain their careers but ascend to higher positions. Alcee Hastings, impeached as a federal judge, is in Congress. The one man who beat Barack Obama in Illinois, Bobby Rush, a black panther, is a beloved political leader.

A cop killer is elevated to MLK status, and turned into an example for school children. The death penalty is considered inhumane, while no compassion is left for real victims. Terrorists of the sixties are given tenured professorships at Universities. They write the curriculum for school children. A tax cheat is put in charge of the IRS. A man who could not pass the security clearance is made president. His attorney general oversees gunrunning in Mexico. And when he is held in contempt, part of Congress stages a walkout crying racism. The president declares Congress irrelevant in his SOTU speech as half of Congress cheer and give him a standing ovation.

Bill Ayers is turned into a teacher, on elementary curriculum no less, and a professor. How many of the 60’s radicals and terrorists just found their way into our government or system? You would think it is planned. Is it just coincidence they landed up there? John Kerry is a double-talking, lying, war protestor and now Secretary of State. Eric Holder sought the pardon on Marc Rich is made Attorney General.(well-qualified) But they aren’t just there, they are hailed as great public servants. Bill Clinton is considered the greatest politician, possibly president — infamous for his conduct. The left will turn criminals into heroes. They turn cop killers into icons, heroes, and teachers. Someone that may not qualify to run for president is hailed as exactly the right choice, unquestioned.

But others without checkered pasts are turned into villains. Koch brothers are the epitome of evil. Mitt Romney is depicted as just a greedy rich guy.(picture Mr. Scrooge with a dog on his car) Now being pro-abortion is to support the dignity of life. And so on.

Terrorism is committed by a worldwide ideology of hatred of America and its history, and the response is to put members of those factions into positions of power in the government. Release some of the worst from prisons because we have no room. Bring in people from the worst criminal countries and give them full government subsidies.Call our enemies in the world our friends and attack our allies for doing the right thing. Try to take money from our allies to give to terrorists and our enemies. Call it the sensible approach.

So it continues with the Constitutional power to impeach Obama. Sure, it might be the correct thing to do but we cannot do what is right or correct anymore, in Circleville. Instead, we must see that he is “not be impeached” — read protect him from impeachment — because it would cause even more harm to the country. It would be bad politically, and the President’s party would gain. It would not be confirmed by the Senate and make a mockery out of the process, thereby the Constitution itself. So now we must make sure it is not pursued. Impeachment is just a fundraising tool to Obama. War to Hamas is a fundraising campaign. Justice is redefined through a Liberal wormhole of social justice. Opaque is clear and clear is opaque.

This is a strange, backwards, upside down place now. Right is wrong, and wrong has become right — not just considered “right” but now considered the moral high-ground. No longer is doing the right thing right, with all the associated costs, but is reprehensible – objectionable.

You see it does not end and these are only some examples. It keeps changing and going so there are constantly new ones. Campaigning on transparency, in effect, means lying and hiding the truth. Debate now means stifling it. Campaign law means campaign corruption. It’s all around. But choose not to accept it? You have no choice, that’s the idea.
Enjoy you’re visit or else.

RightRing | Bullright

6 comments on “Welcome to Circleville, formerly USA

  1. Just Gene says:

    Your opening line about venting BUT before they vent, they invent!!!!


  2. peppermintfarm says:


    Another great piece!

    All of what you said is sadly so true. In psychological terms this is called “crazy making”. You know what is right but someone is telling you that you are wrong. You see something bad happening and you’re told you are imagining things. You get told you are a racist when you know you are not. You want to debate an issue and you are told you are being unreasonable. Or that the debate is over and you must accept what you know is nuts.

    With the constant drumbeat of this some people start to think they are crazy and start to believe the offender of these kinds of statements. So after awhile some people do just shut up because they don’t want to appear to be crazy. The job is done. Now you have entered the crazy making world and accepted that you are the one who is wrong. Gas lighting is another phrase for this.

    The Emperor is great at doing this and his administration, and let’s not forget the demorats.

    Just think about how many liberal say they are not proud of our country. Obama led the way and they believe him. No facts to support this, but they don’t rely on facts, just his word.

    Now on the upside of this, if people start to realize they are being duped, and come to their own conclusions, there could be an explosion of resentment over the offender. If that happens there is no telling what may happen when the gates of rage open.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp. perfectly put. Great comments on the scenario. I just knew there was some heavy psychology in the mix. I was thinking of cognitive dissonance, too, which one could overcome also by just going along with it all. Just throw it all in there.

      It does make sense when you see what their intended results are. A lot like Marxist propaganda, sophisticated but not too much to be deceived by it. Just follow the bread crumbs and it usually leads to its source. A former Soviet defector laid out their step by step in an interview from the 80’s. It sure does feel like you are being driven mad. And we couldn’t get there fast enough to suit them. Of course what they do then won’t matter to anyone, much less care.

      I do have hopes. I think you are right and the key is to understand just how intentional it all is.Young people should eventually start to get it since they do not like being fooled or duped. (nor does anyone else) Just the suspicion they are being conned usually irks them. But in this case it was a matter of giving them things they want, or seeming to, to pacify them. So legalize pot and champion things they care about, throw in same-sex marriage. Talk about how wonderful it all is. Yep they figure they can win them over easy enough. So they have to see the strategy for what it is.

      Isn’t it telling how they attack Dinesh D’ Souza for his America film. Must demonize him. Oh, it goes against the grain. Whenever you get too close to the source, you can always tell.


  3. Mrs. AL says:

    Wow. This is brilliant, Bullright. You did a super job of defining and describing “Circleville.” I admit it kind of makes me sick to my stomach and ache for the Country, but truth is often difficult to hear. But hear it we must.


    • bullright says:

      Thanks for reading, Mrs AL, really appreciate it. Maybe not the best name for it but for lack of other. Then leave it to the Libs, they can rename something a hundred times anyway. 🙂



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