The ultimate clueless corporatist and company

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s an Obama.

Over at the Daily Caller I read an article about Obama the corporatist, which is a pretty good description. And another makes the case that he is “clueless”. Both show his politics are driven by special interests. Well, no news there is there?

The first article makes the case for Obama the corporatist.

Like many others, I’ve been on the lookout for examples of corporatism — the tendency to replace the formal individuated equality of the market, universal rights and democracy with rule by society’s various big interest groups, exercising special privileges by virtue of their particular social role and cutting deals with each other (usually to protect themselves).

I bet these evangelicals never saw themselves as entwined in that paradigm. But they are. Yet they can spot it in other groups, not themselves.

But it deserves closer examination. Sure Obama has run his politics and campaign on special interest fuel. That is also what gave us this divisive landscape. Does he care about the toxic landscape? Not on your life or anyone else’s. In fact, he doesn’t value life at all, but that is not the point here. There really is no logic or common sense behind it. Those people in special interests are only as good as that next handout, favor, or promise as the case me be — and dependent on it. Now that is the point.

Take young people, for example. Obama and the DNC claim they won them over in droves. Done mainly by talk and promises. One was a step closer to socialized medicine. They didn’t know much about socialized medicine, and many do not remember the Hillarycare ordeal. So he went after this new generation to buy them with all these nice sounding schemes. Instead of lowering the costs of tuition, he promises more money for it driving the costs up even further. What do they care, if he promises more money? Would he cut up the ‘halls of ivy’ institutional gold card? No, that would go against their special interest politics.

The “Clueless” article mentioned a quote from Obama himself.

“Sometimes, people don’t always act rationally, and they don’t always act based on their medium term, long-term interest,” he said about the Arabs and Jews, as if they are Illinois state legislators arguing about how to spend tax revenues.

It’s hard to imagine Obama criticizing anyone for not thinking of “long-term interests”. Pot meet kettle. And his circle of sycophants don’t seem to care about that either.

Now imagine the youth who were all crazy and “fired up” for Obama in a few short years. Right now they are fortunately in a demographic Obama and the DNC care about. So will they still fit in a few years, into one of DNC’s beloved special interests?

In a few years they’ll be out of school and applying for some job in the private sector, to make back those tens of thousands of debt dollars. They’ll be fighting the stale economy, wondering where are the jobs? They’ll be faced with rising taxes, and soaring costs of food and energy. But they will be on their own, literally. because they don’t fit into a group qualifying for special status or subsidies. They might even be in a non-preferred group.

So that personal interest Obama (DNC) took in them will be a distant memory. Just like those miners in Virginia and Pennsylvania, the courtship is over. Sure you may want to continue supporting them in any case, but why? Unless you still fit into one of their preferred status groups, you are as relevant a mosquito to them. So that is their future, but no one is looking that far ahead.

Notice what the union miners have suddenly realized about Obama, that he sold them out. It doesn’t feel so well to be used and abused. Hell, they don’t treat illegal aliens that bad.

UMWA protestors arrested

So what happens when you become one of the non-preferred groups and persona non grata, even after you supported Dems? Protest all you want… there’s nobody at home.

Are you taking notes students? Where will you be in a few short years? Then there is the real irony in the miners’ situation: the only ones who care and listen are the conservatives and Republicans. Is that not strange? But they still don’t get it as they support a handmaid of Tom Steyer, the guru of greenbacks on the Left.

Now just reverse the clock back ten years and you would remember all the outrage over Dick Cheney meeting with oil people. You would have thought the world was coming to an end. Contrast that with the endless number of meetings the Occupier has had himself with union leaders and thugs of all kinds, even weekly. In fact, they want more of it.

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9 comments on “The ultimate clueless corporatist and company

  1. peppermintfarm says:


    Another excellent post! You sure do churn out excellent stuff in so little time. I often wonder how you do it.

    (btw, I looked at your article on WWI and it’s going to take some time for me to go through the links so I will be on that one eventually) I’ve had a lot happening this week, not all of it good.

    Anyway, I think the dimwits have the youth vote locked up this next time around. I saw college students stating that “Hillary is the ticket”. Well it will be just another heartbreak for them, but I am convinced they are programmed and stupid. Like you said wait until they have to get out into the dog eat dog world. Boy, are they in for a big surprise and it’s not a good one either.

    Now I wonder about those youthful ones who are out trying to get a job now and what they will be thinking. Maybe the young women will be worried about getting their birth control and abortions so they will continue to vote for dimwits. The guys, well who knows about them. I never could figure out the young angry man issue. Perhaps they will turn to crime. :O. Then they can get ” out of prison go cards” from WithHolder.


    • bullright says:

      Thanks Pepp, you sure got that right. They think they have a lock on the youth vote. I just started wondering what their future is, now it isn’t that hard to figure out. When you aren’t a useful groupie to them, can’t these kids figure that much out or are they blinded? And if they do realize it, we should see an exodus.

      I feel bad for the miners but they supported this guy, why? That’s just the way the left treats people they have no use for. Even the women, how can they string this along? It seems like their propaganda should catch up with them. I disgusts me how they treat women as a commodity, a purchased vote, a sex object. Don’t seem like equality to me.


      • peppermintfarm says:


        I would love to see an exodus from the youth. I don’t know if they will figure this out or not but the dimwits tell so many lies about how the repukes are not doing anything to help people, it probably would stick. They are blinded I think. It will be interesting to see.

        A lot of the miners are union workers so what’s that tell you.

        Yeah, the demorats treat women as if they are so stupid that they vote on their ovaries only. If that isn’t sexism I don’t know what is. And there so many women who do vote that way. I hate to say that about my own sex, but who do they vote for the most, dimwits. And no it is not equality.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, I agree they are blinded. What other explanation is there? And so are most of the left’s groupies. If there was a place breeding useful idiots, it’s right here in USA. And those evangelicals and liberal/ideologue Christians, same thing. But nobody can talk any sense into them.

          Even when you point out the problems with their stances, the fingers go immediately in their ears. Then they mock you for trying to get through to their brainwashed brains. Same with Obama, he could absolutely ban truth and it would suit his fancy perfectly. And then there’s that 30+- percent who will agree with anything he says or does, even if they don’t know what he said or did. Sorry I slipped off my stool.


          • peppermintfarm says:


            You sure got that right. Useful idiots that the Dictator depends upon to vote for the dimwits.

            They don’t even want to hear the opposite viewpoint. It’s too threatening to their moronic views taught to them by liberal, commie professors. They don’t seem to want to think out of the box or consider anything else.

            I often wonder who is in that 30% that agree with everything he’s done no matter how criminal. I guess that tells us a lot about what kind of people are in that 30%.

            BTW, Bull, in case this interests you, Hannity is going to have an interview with Netanyahu tonight on his show. Hannity has been in Israel this week reporting.


            • bullright says:

              Pepp, yea that should be good. I’ve been watching his pieces from Israel. The mother of that killed teenager got to me last night. She was so dignified and carried herself so well. Compare that to how muzzies talk. She was so sincere. BiBi and his wife met with her, compare that to how Obama responds to terrorism.


            • peppermintfarm says:

              Bull, I kind of figured you’d be watching this too, but just in case I wanted you to know. I know you are as interested in Israel as I am.

              That woman got to me also last night and I have to admit I had tears running down my cheeks. Losing a child is very close to my heart of course.

              Yeah, Obama responds as if there is no terrorism. I saw him give a press conference yesterday. He made me sick to my stomach on how he talks about Hamas like it’s some country or something that the Israelis should deal with.

              He did condemn their actions but still I don’t recall him calling them a terrorist group. But I’m not sure because at times I’d tune out of his distant, seemingly cold and uninvolved stance.

              I read where he blew up at Bibi over the phone one day because Bibi would not do what he wanted. The article also said since no one ever tells the O-man no, it was probably a shock to his narcissism. (Paraphrased from article, not exact words).


            • bullright says:

              Ha ha, no one tells him or the Mo-Bro hoodies “no”. That’s for sure. He thinks he’s Al Capone.


            • peppermintfarm says:

              Bull, well he might as well be Al Capone. He’s a lot like him with his criminal activities.



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