The problem from hell oozes on

Obama has a problem, one of many, but it’s a doozy. He believes terrorism, like any other problem, can be adjudicated as a sterile law enforcement issue through courts etc. No matter what the crime. Well, hello, these are not compatible with that system. Of course the howling will start about that any minute.

We hear their arguments all the time — yada, yada. I won’t even dignify them with repetition. Courts are no deterrent to it.The answers haven’t been written. It is evil the likes of which we haven’t seen so blatantly this century. Still they will make their justice speech about bringing them to justice. Thus its a police matter. But what is justice for a massive, ever-growing group, bent on human slaughter by the worst methods they can think of? Is a jury trial capable of arbitrating that? We are in a new era.

Now videos and pictures surface with terrorists’ children holding severed heads. When is enough? Oh, tell me this shall be a law enforcement action, handled by bringing said culprits to some justice. I only state that possibility, as stupid as it is, to demonstrate the mentality of their arguments. Those talking points are an insult. This is mass genocide against humanity in general. It deserves a response. People would be appalled seeing animals treated and displayed like this. Yet here is a group operating with the objective of subverting humanity out of the equation.

No, I’m not even waiting to hear about bringing them to justice for their “crimes”. Maybe that is one of the reasons why Obama is reluctant to face or respond to it. It just will not fit in that box of theirs. This is pure evil it its worst form. It is not something one can summarily dismiss as a law enforcement matter. It’s way beyond that, intentionally so. This is the antithesis to humanity. Clinton’s failure was treating terrorism, like the Cole, as a simple civil law-enforcement matter. Message delivered. The problem is it doesn’t fit.

We’ve talked about state-sponsored terrorism before. But this is the terrorist sponsored state, or the “terrorism state”. That’s what the caliphate is. There are no levers over it to which it responds. It exists as an evil fog spreading around the world. People that have seen and witnessed this type evil don’t categorize it so easily. People label things “crimes against humanity”, but this is anti-humanity on the scale we haven’t seen. And it is breeding and flourishing under whatever banner it uses, into its own self-declared state.

Couple it with a weak-kneed, lily-livered liberal, diplomatic-espousing Oval Office occupant. However, the reverse may be true. In fact, he may fit right into their agenda. That’s a hell of a cocktail. He has us in a real predicament. He is so locked into his ideology, which fits right into ISIL’s and Al Qaeda’s decapitating glove, that he plays right into their evil nature — intentionally or not.(you decide) Tell me I’m wrong.

Obama gave a speech once, borrowed from another, saying “words, just words?” Sadly, that is all this pretender has ever had in his arsenal. Walk softly and carry a big script. And it’s totally inadequate for what we humanity faces. To choose to allow this kind of evil exist in any form on the earth is courting evil. To address it with words is irrational. It has no logic to appeal to; it is only the base form of evil, in its distilled form. All other characterizations are totally inadequate.

The other part of the same problem is a more logical one. Simply that a human crisis of this proportion, while drawing sharp rebuke from everywhere, is still a tool in the hands of scheming elitists and global ghouls. How do we decipher that reality?

“The present window of opportunity, during which a peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long… We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.” — David Rockefeller., September 23, 1994, at the UN Ambassadors’ dinner


The problem is Islamic jihadists are now working on their own new word order — okay an old one — methodology that is precipitated by international crisis as well. That crisis is their own war on humanity. Politicians can worry about their so-called war on women, their pet issues, their re-elections, “never letting a crisis go to waste;” while this war rages on. If Rockefeller or his ilk think this humanitarian crisis can be transformatively used somehow, then they really have lost all senses. The only thing to be harvested from “using” this crisis in some way, for political purposes, is more evil. Are they up for that? Are we?

Part of the evil of this genocidal menace is it also has its own law to deal with everything else, including humanity, through inhumanity. If anyone was unaware of the nature of evil loose and manifested in the world, they should now be privy to it or they are beyond rehabilitation.

RightRing | Bullright

6 comments on “The problem from hell oozes on

  1. bullright says:

    Obama made a statement about the downed plane in Ukraine.

    Obama: MH17 disaster ‘an outrage of unspeakable proportions’

    “Innocent lives were taken,” he says. “Men, women, children, infants, who had nothing to do with the crisis in Ukraine. Their deaths are a outrage of unspeakable proportions.“……“We stand with you shoulder to shoulder.”

    A strange and huge double standard? Of course, what did we expect?
    At least they get mention as an outrage of “unspeakable proportions”.
    For Christians he doesn’t speak about it, period.

    Genocide? Forget about it!


  2. drrik says:

    They have no skin in the game. And continue to view it as merely a means to collect power.


  3. peppermintfarm says:


    Another excellent post!

    Evil is permeating the whole world and the Dictator sits back and does nothing. He perpetuates the evil by his actions. Where is the so called “World Court” stating that this is a crime against humanity. Crickets.

    I’ll tell you that this scares the hell outta me. We have the greatest military in the world and if we don’t act who else is there? These barbarian evil people should be carpet bombed but oh, no, not from our own Islamist. He won’t touch them, just a few trucks, artillery, here and there. It’s unbelievable to me to allow this evil to go on.

    Once again the world sits by, like with Hitler, allowing genocide to go on. I’m sickened by it all and I do believe they are coming for us sooner or later. The blood will be on the Islamist in the White Mosque.


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, you sure said it perfectly. Can’t add much to that. I figure he is intentionally doing as little as he can. But now he has to know the danger this is. I’m with you, its coming. Reporters were amazed how quick it moved through Iraq to Mosul. Maybe we shouldn’t be.

      He had the opportunity to do something. I’ve been reading charity and other sites stating the concerns. Heck plain old Americans have offered more than he has, because they understand how serious this is. But these humanitarian groups need some basic (very basic) backup and he gives everyone the middle finger.

      But one thug gets shot in Mo and he’s yapping about “healing.” But there is no healing to this. I saw pictures yesterday that just pissed me off. What is Obama thinking? They said now it is historic that Christianity has been removed from Iraq. That’s something. Mo-Bro O has that blood on him.



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