Illegal perceptions and border paranoia

Yes, what a difference a few years makes. In March 2011, Janet Napolitano made her screed about What border problems? — paraphrasing the titan of mistruth.

Remember when she uttered

“There is a perception that the border is worse now than it ever has been. That is wrong. The border is better now than it ever has been,” she said.

And El Paso Mayor John Cook said:

“The lie about border cities being dangerous has been told so many times that people are starting to believe it, but we as border communities have to speak out.”

Then she closed her case, right in El Paso, with this:

Numbers are in the right direction and dramatically so,” she said.

Still, she stressed that she didn’t come to El Paso “to run a victory lap” and that there “is much work to do.” — NBC reported.

Numbers in the right direction? That now would seem almost like a Freudian slip. My my, those skyrocketing numbers — in the right direction — especially since comrade Zero began exercising his executive pen. Now another border agent is murdered, and the family is even denied access to the arraignment.

Then, Napolitano said:

The perception that the violence in Mexico has spilled over to bordering U.S. cities is “wrong again,” Napolitano said. Violent crime rates have remained flat or decreased in border communities in the Southwest, she said.

That was also the same time that they were withdrawing the National Guard that were to shore up the border. Now what do we know about that time frame? How does this fit in with what happened in the last couple years? “Alex, I’ll take perception for a 100,000”.

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4 comments on “Illegal perceptions and border paranoia

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Just the sight of that woman makes me want to puke. I’m getting a headache from her lies. And have things gotten any better since she left? No, the dictator made sure he put another big liar in her place.

    Yeah, numbers are in the right direction all right, for her boss who is doing even worse things. If he uses his pen which every pundit thinks he will, he should be impeached even if the Senate does not indict. I’m not in such a great mood and this makes me angrier than I already feel.


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, and that isn’t even the most scary picture of her. I saw one of her and the fuhrer standing next to each other with their hands over their hearts. Like for what? They don’t believe in anything. An oath means nothing to them. Politics rule. So yea, call all that moving in the right direction. They find someone even worse to replace the liars. It is enough to get a headache, a migraine.


      • peppermintfarm says:

        LOL! She is a pretty looking scary person indeed. Hands over hearts, a pledge to ruin our country. I know I get a headache just thinking about all of this, then I just read today where 600 more illegals were let go out of prison who have criminal backgrounds which include murder, rape, etc. They sure are unleashing the jackals on us.


  2. […] when Janet Napalm Napolitano insisted there was no problem on the southern border. She said the real problem was a perception one. Even then it set off a firestorm of debate and […]



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