Is anybody out there?

Dear diary,

Well, I’m writing to you today to tell you how pissed off I am….. er how depressed and pissed off I am. Now I don’t mean to bring you down — bad enough you don’t have a choice on listening. Sorry I can’t be more upbeat for you. Some friend I am.

But hey, since you are a captive audience I thought I’d let it rip. I know most people probably complain about last night’s dinner, or that last electric bill, or that traffic jam on the way home from work after they stopped off to buy their Chunky Monkey ice cream. I kind of wish I had those problems.

You probably don’t know what its like to talk to someone for 3 minutes until you realize they don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, much less care. Or when you mention some current event only to realize they don’t have a clue about it, so you end up being the bearer of bad news. Then you feel guilty for messing up their otherwise beautiful day. So they blame you, the messenger! No, you wouldn’t know about that, would you?

We have a pretender in the White House but we are surrounded by a circle of truth-challengd activists who actually do his/their bidding. You probably saw my sock puppet criticism. A nation of sock puppets. Those of us with some sanity left are just livid at what they have done to our Republic. It was by no means perfect before but what they have done defies reasoning. Yet we are considered the crazy ones, extremists, the problem, the wackos, the trouble makers, the nut-jobs. Funny how they can pull that off credibly.

So that is the situation here, not very comforting. That’s been the condition for the last six years. The future is no less bleak. Now, with only 2 years left in this regime, they are doing their damnedest to make sure we have no more choice in our situation then than we have at present. Not very encouraging, I know.

Did I forget to mention, they want to destroy any sense of individuality at the voting booth? They have people voting on their skin color, or the ethnicity, or their sexuality, or their income, even reproductive organs. But anyone else who refuses to be pigeon-holed is marginalized as a bigot, extremist, or a hater. And Christians, well, if they don’t fit the mold of the “liberal” orthodoxy and the emerging church, they are discarded as heretics.

On a positive note, if there is one, I’m starting to see more and more people awakened to all the political failures. So far its more of an elephant in the room, but people cannot put their finger on what the nasty smell is yet. They seem to think it must have always been there… just that they haven’t noticed it before.

Surprisingly enough, Islam and Muslims have hijacked our political system and public debate in the country. Meanwhile, more people are being murdered around the world for their Christian faith in the name of Islam. Seems they never learned anything from Jefferson. In fact, they just announced a new caliphate, and even that did not cause much of a reaction in many places, and others rushed to join. I guess they figure its a new social networking tool. ( #hashtag – like us on facebook)

Even as bad, this political caliphate in the US has everyone believing energy is some kind of evil. Anything involving energy has to be run through a P/C decoder in order to approve it. And elsewhere, we’ve even found hospitals that were burning aborted babies for fuel.(at least we think they were aborted) They didn’t appreciate that being exposed. I don’t know if they considered it green or not? Though it could be Sharia compliant, but we’re still waiting for word on that.

The new trend is social justice. It seems that riots in the streets and violence to property is the definition of social justice. There sure is a lot of it being meted out. I haven’t seen so much justice since the 60’s. Well, I don’t want to bring you down, but this sure is not the paradise they claimed it would be. We all waited to see “hope and change” only to hope it changes. It’s not very hop-y if you ask me, but they don’t so I don’t tell them.

I guess I have to close now to leave plenty of time for prayer. These days there is a whole lot to pray about, for, and relief from. Mostly though let’s just pray we can fix the damage being done — with only divine help from above because our attempts aren’t cutting it.

I’ll keep you posted. Maybe I can bring you a little positive news next time. I know you could use some too.

Until then, Love and Blessings… ’cause the world isn’t handing out those.

RightRing | Bullright

3 comments on “Is anybody out there?

  1. peppermintfarm says:


    You sure do some excellent articles. You put into words exactly how I feel too. I see Waters on ORs’ show with the people in the street and I feel flabbergasted at the responses he gets by those who have no idea what’s even going on in our own country, much less what is happening in the world. What the hell are these people doing anyway? Where are their minds? Like you said worried about their next ice cream????????

    I sure get depressed and pissed off too. I see people stating they are with the Dictator not knowing one thing he is doing to destroy us. How can our side win with so many stupid people in this country?

    Everything has been turned upside down and they don’t notice it. They must be living in a fantasy world and imagine the shock when things just completely fall apart and when we get hit by the Caliphate? And will that even open their eyes and ears?


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, thanks for the comp. I see you got it, sort of a mixed bag. It wasn’t what I thought it would be when I started. ha ha It goes with the other sock puppet one. I can only make a few jokes because its all you can do. Orson Welles would be amazed though probably not surprised.

      Is that it, we’re all so worried about day-to-day that we aren’t supposed to see or put it together? He wishes we were stupid. But its they(Obama and his clan) who don’t seem to get the real, big picture. The Lefties have some weird faith don’t they– that they aren’t destroying the country, when that is exactly what they are doing?

      Right, its upside down and backwards. And ignorant of history. It is a matter of time, and with this Bastid its just a matter of blame.


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Bull, the Dictator depends on those stupid ones out there so he can do whatever he likes. I’m starting to think the dummies out number us. I don’t think the leftists in this country ever learned any history and that’s a huge problem. Those of us who did can see what’s happening up front and personal.

        We still remember Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and the other numerous dictators who slaughtered their people who disagreed with them. I figure it’s only a matter of time before our slaughter begins. He ignores the Islamic terrorist threat and we will get hit again. He brings in all of these illegals with plenty of diseases that are surely going to bring epidemics in our schools to start.

        Nobody has any idea whether these “new” kids are inoculated but I doubt it. Then once the kids get the diseases it will run rampant in the families.

        Also he keeps letting out of jail illegals who have committed terrible crimes. He allows all of those “kid” gang members to come in here.

        He’s a WMD, the biggest we’ve ever had.



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