Steyer getting stymied

Billionaire Tom Steyer is getting politically schooled by the Left.

Tom Steyer Push for Green Agenda in Midterms Not Working as Planned

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff
August 15, 2014

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer vowed in February to give $100 million to political candidates to push a green agenda, but his plans to enact climate change measures are not working, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Mr. Steyer at an Aspen conference this week revealed that little if any of this is happening. The left is as split over energy as it has ever been; the public isn’t buying the climate line; and the hedge-fund-manager-turned-activist looks to be regrouping.

The Steyer grand plan began unraveling from the start, when stories about his pledge noted that he might target Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu for her support of the Keystone XL pipeline. Mr. Steyer and his NextGen Climate Action PAC had in 2013 won activist praise for defeating a pro-pipeline Democrat in a Massachusetts primary, and the Louisiana idea was to start his midterm strategy with a similar litmus-test bang. A Landrieu attack would send a message: Democrats who bucked the climate agenda would get beaten, whereas those who embraced it would be rewarded with Mr. Steyer’s campaign cash.

Democratic leaders instead flipped out, and quickly schooled Mr. Steyer in the political realities of red states and the magic Senate number of “51.” Within days of the pledge, Steyer operative Chris Lehane was tamping down the Landrieu story, insisting Mr. Steyer did not plan to “tea party” Democrats. “We do think it’s really, really, really important from a climate perspective that we maintain control of the Senate for Democrats,” he explained.

The article goes on to explain that few Democrats are actually seeing benefits from Steyer’s money.

Additionally, Steyer has come nowhere near his goal of $100 million. He claimed in February that he would match $50 million of his money to $50 million raised from donors. In July, donors had only contributed $1.2 million to Steyer’s effort.

Looks like Next Gen skipped last-gen politics.

8 comments on “Steyer getting stymied

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good news.

    It seems that the AWG, Climate Change, Climate Disruption, or whatever they are calling it this minute is not selling anymore.

    What a bullshit artist… first pledging $100 million then saying it was actually matching funds up to $50 million. Lefties can’t not tell a lie can they? It must just be a reflex.


    • Bullright says:

      Nox, yea it must be a reflex. Even some of the Dems want no part of it. Who thought this could split the commie Party?They must be getting an earful from people. The tide is turning? A whopping 1.2 mil they gave, Obama probably raises that on one fundraiser.


  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Ha, ha, I love this story. Sounds to me that Steyer has a big mouth without the funds to back him up. Nasty person. Ugh!


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, it’s nice to see something going in the right direction. Ha ha. So Steyer will dig deeper in his own pockets. But they usually double down in the face of negative public opinion. I’m sure he has a direct line to Obama.

      Remember, these were the idiots that went to W Virginia to talk global warming. So they don’t get the message, maybe money will tell them. DNC is mad at Steyer for coming down on certain Dems….ha ha. Love the infighting, can we have more, please? They always complain about Kochs but they can’t control their own financier. (or he them…or something)


  3. Don’t give up, Mr. Steyer!!! Keep givin’ away your cash!!!

    Every eco-dollar you spend pushing Climate Change is a buck that WON’T go towards a subject someone might actually care about, which is totes fine by me.
    Nice job with that, sir…



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