Truce deal between Israel & Gaza

Remember this is from an  IJ source, so it carries that perspective.

Islamic Jihad: Truce Deal With Israel Next Monday

Terror group says an agreement will be signed at the end of the current ceasefire, confirms Israeli concessions.
By Ari Yashar | 8/15/2014 | Arutz Sheva

An Islamic Jihad spokesperson on Friday claimed that a truce deal with Israel will be signed as soon the current five-day ceasefire ends next Monday at midnight.

“We expect a complete truce agreement to be signed right as the five-day ceasefire ends. The delegation has made much progress in ending the siege and the offensive on Palestinians,” Yousef al-Hasayneh told the Palestinian Arab Ma’an News Agency.

Al-Hasayneh said that the current ceasefire extension was agreed to on Wednesday night to give the Egyptian intermediaries time to remove “technical issues” blocking a final agreement.

The Islamic Jihad terrorist confirmed numerous reports that the proposed truce deal would ease the blockade on Gaza, expand the naval fishing zone, and allow construction materials into the Hamas terror enclave. He also confirmed that discussion on the issue of a sea and airport in Gaza would be postponed for a month after the agreement.

While US President Barack Obama’s government has reportedly been pressuring Israel to agree to a truce deal, al-Hasayneh said “we, as the Islamic Jihad, are not interested in American sponsorship because we do not trust the United States, the partner of Israel, who supplies them with arms and money.”

In fact, Obama’s administration recently blocked a missile shipment to Israel according to a Wall Street Journal report on Wednesday night, and ordered greater scrutiny on future weapons transfers. /….

Right, construction materials and blockade changes and, supposedly, without disarming measures. But it is interesting to hear Gaza cannot continue with the war.

The statements come after Islamic Jihad second-in-command Ziad Nahala said Friday the war with Israel is “behind us,” adding “we have no choice but to reach a truce agreement.”

“The great destruction caused by the war obligates us to leave this (war) status,” said Nahala.

3 comments on “Truce deal between Israel & Gaza

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Hmm………..I wonder if any of this is true. I wonder what Bibi is saying about this. Bibi was not in any mood to make such a deal. Are these jihads just lying.


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, it does pique the curiosity. The concessions, well, the biggest concession is that the Hamas cesspool even exists after this. I find it amusing how on one hand they say US is partnered so tight with Israel, while on the other boast casually that we held up munition shipments. They read Zero’s stances and see his approval among muzzies. Always trying to play both ends. I guess we have to see if there is anything to it. But I’d say its an admission terrorists have been beaten to even negotiate. Well its only been them all along keeping it going. But I’m not optimistic since this seems to be their industry.



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