A year later, Mid-East looks no better

What a difference a year makes, or not. Last year around August 15th we were watching churches across Egypt being burned. We saw the persecution not only from terrorist groups but from the whole Muslim Brotherhood network.

Flash forward a year. Almost the entire Christian population was ousted in Iraq, killed in genocidal persecution, or uprooted and driven from their homes and communities. Much the same in Syria. So yea, a year later and it has gotten worse for Christians. In two days alone, last year, over fifty Christian locations were attacked or burned supposedly under the banner of democracy.

Ah yes, remember that canard about the Arab Spring wanting to usher in Democracy? As the smoke cleared, literally, what was clear was that they were bringing in the Muslim Brotherhood, not for the purpose of Democracy. Yet it was the administration, along with Clapper and Brennan, who were cheerleaders for the movement. Then, they mocked those who saw it otherwise — as the rise of another authoritarian regime.

Remember that “Democracy”? They could have done without our support and cheerleading. Social networks were abuzz about the significance. They wanted it to be so. But at the same time they could not support a real uprising in Iran where it mattered.

But what it actually would prove is something else more dire and truthful. The dictators like Mubarak and Assad were correct all along when warning that their regime was all that stood between them and the radicals and terrorism. Take your pick from a basket of evils. That their power was all that stood in the way of ruthless Islam, in all its tentacles, and terrorism. We refused to accept that from Egypt to Libya.

What it really proved?

That the people there can’t handle it, or are not willing to strive for it. And probably didn’t even want it. The dictocrats were right, and it was not merely a ruse to keep them in power. They understood it. Of course they had their self-serving motives too, but the reality was clear and they had a point. They knew better than us.

The Arab, Islamic world is not ready for that and cannot handle it. No sooner was power overthrown, than a new Islamic evil stepped in to fill the void. (almost as if planned) We had been told for years what would replace their dictatorships. But we went into starry-eyed denial at those possibilities. We didn’t understand. Then we underestimated the organizational abilities of the Islamic network.

Iraq was under a dictatorship for years. They did not know or remember anything else. Liberals saw no problem with that structure. They criticized the very idea of throwing out Saddam. Better the evil you know. They were not willing to even give it a chance. They still to this day rail against it.

However, they saw the Arab spring just the opposite as something we should support unconditionally. They demonized those dictators, postulating they deserved to be ousted on their keisters. They had said “so what?” about Sadaam. This even with the Libyan adventure fresh in the rear view mirror. Despite all the signs, we believed just like Obama’s campaign slogan. And not only was it not meant to be, but it was meant to be something else entirely.

We were warned. It was the insurance policy of ruthless dictators that removing them would set about terrible things. They were right. After all, in the rosy-eyed Democratists’ eyes, the Arab Spring was the cure – not the disease. Now we see the truth, as inconvenient as it is. Mid East Arabs are not ready for prime-time Democracy. Maybe it is an acquired taste , and maybe it is something you have to work for rather than something that just happens in the absence of centralized power. Lesson learned. But not all of us do accept the truth in the lesson. Ideologues will not be moved.

Sure, Egypt has shaken off the bug and gone into remission. But nothing can undo the events of the last year. What a lesson it should have been for the western world. And the Arab Spring equaled Christian catastrophe. You cannot impose democracy, then hope for the best. It must come from within, from ideas to concept. Some will say it was working just fine, even in Egypt, even as the churches burned. I just know there is a metaphor somewhere between the events and those burning churches — when churches burn it can’t be good.

Then again, we could have learned much the same lesson with Yasser Arafat. It has gotten even worse since. It is the terrorism state. The only issue is how much credibility and influence the world bestows on it — and it on the world.

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11 comments on “A year later, Mid-East looks no better

  1. Hardnox says:

    A excellent recap Froggy.

    Evil is hard to kill.


  2. peppermintfarm says:


    Another excellent article. I can’t think of a time when we managed to throw out some horrible dictator that something worse took its’ place.

    The ME has gone from bad to worse. Evil everywhere you look. And no outrage from the loons over what the GM did, but still outraged over Bush.


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, neither can I. But its considered a crowning achievement of success when its a liberal doing it. Yep, they seem to go from bad to worser. If I had to pick a better example though, it is Iraq. It wasn’t all that bad till Obama trashed it, but I think that was his intent anyway.

      Its really amazing what a shelf life Bush has. He’s probably somewhere in Libya and Ukraine too. Remember the Kilroy was here thing? Now it’s Dubya was here.


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, I forgot to mention it, but what is the reason we are not creating some propaganda? I think it is about time we do. Some sophisticated psy-ops. too. This guy feeds them straight information. They can read us like a book, thanks to Obamoa giving away the store.


  3. […] Obama’s Libya adventure, and with the Mid-East on fire in what’s left of the Arab Spring, he has taken mostly to denying the very real results of his foreign policy foreplay. He avoids […]


  4. Bullright says:

    Weasel Zippers:
    ISIS Issues Final Ultimatum To Iraq’s Christians: You Have One Week To Convert To Islam Or Die…

      As Newsbusters reports, there has been a total blackout on the network news of ISIS’ oppression of Christians.


      Later on, ISIS demanded an immediate decision by the small group of Iraqi Christians, and they are now giving all non-muslims one week to decide.


  5. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. A year later, a decade later, a century later…etc. the ME is no different. Those lame ass bastards that follow the pedophile Moo-ha-mid have been butchers since their inception and will always be the same.

    I find it funny (if not sad) how many minorities find it convenient to use excuses from the past for their current actions. But no faction of derelicts do it better than the butcher Muzzies that bow to ass wipe Moo-ha-mid. They can justify beheading an innocent person purely on the fact their doing their f*cked up god’s work and attaining all their virgins.

    I was a fan of G.B. II, but certainly did not agree with all he did. This nation building shit with heretics is insane! The dictators that were in place were much more preferential than the muzzie psychos now running those countries. I’ve never had a problem with picking the lesser of two evils (albeit my votes in the last two presidential elections) and I have no problem stating the dictators our gubmint overthrew has f*cked up the world royally. Gush II did it through being stupid (IMO), but O’ Bastard has done it by choice to further his Bro’s.


    • Bullright says:

      Dave, great comment and good to see you again. I agree, and its sort of a tough lesson. What Bush did, though reluctantly was try to deal with the world as it is. Obama is treating it the way he wishes it was. You are right.

      Bush started by saying he was not about nation building. But it would have been foolish not to have made some efforts to stabilize it. And Lord only knows what would be with Saddam. Whoa. And the past is the past. I think Bush learned some of this where Obama doesn’t care to. Now I believe he just doesn’t care at all. In fact if the world is all f__ed up when he leaves he will be happy leaving it to someone else.

      But then understanding this evil is something else entirely, beyond nation building, beyond straight political concerns. I see them worse then the 3rd Reich, and more sinister. (evil) As I said before, not like anyone is going to reopen the concentration camps. But…..


  6. Bullright says:



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