Honey, I’m shrinking ISIL

Film at eleven

Obama wants to “shrink” ISIS into a “manageable problem.”

That’s the headline and I just can’t add anything to that. If the stupidity of that statement doesn’t speak for itself, I don’t know what does.

Whatever happened to Joe Biden’s “spine of steel”?
But Biden is going to follow that manageable problem “to the gates of hell”.

See what happens when you put radical narcissists in the White House?

Ref: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/obama-strategy-isis-manageable/2014/09/03/id/592372/

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13 comments on “Honey, I’m shrinking ISIL

  1. peppermintfarm says:


    Is that the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard? Manage ISIS??? Lord help us. He’s not going to do anything is my terrible fear. And now we have missing airplanes from Libya. I started to shake over that one.

    We’re going to get hit big time due to the GM and his weak kneed threats. Nobody believes his threats anymore. No one in the whole world.


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, I’m flabbergasted. About the dumbest yet from him, and that is something. The planes just sends chills. So I wonder what Brennan is doing?

      Yea, something is going to come. This guy is going to be so far in denial. He’s already eating his words that he’s known about ISIS for a year. I agree not a person alive has any reason to believe him, whether they’re friends or enemies.


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Bull, it is flabbergasting. He can’t say anything these days without getting himself in trouble even with his own party. That’s how bad it is. I’m thinking a lot of them don’t even want to be associated with him anymore as he keeps showing his ignorance and stupidity.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Bull, Barry sure does have a different documentary he creates everyday. His latest being the world has always been messy. I hate to disagree with Barry when it comes to messy (due to NO one does messy better than Barry), but I’ve lived long enough to see messy and see a total disaster. Jimmy Jam Carter was messy as our president, but Barry is a total disaster as president. The only thing that still may make Jimmy Jam look worse is his crusade to legitimize the terror group Hamas.

    Like Pepp stated, “manage a full blown heretic butcher group such as ISIS?” That statement sounds like Barry is at a Sunday barbecue and he’s doing his best to keep family members from biting each others heads off. How do you manage something that has zero morals and no soul??

    On a side note; I would like to see Barry having a barbecue on the west wing grounds of our WH and trying to keep his and Moo-Chelle’s trailer trash family members from killing each other with horse shoes!!! 🙂


    • Bullright says:

      Dave, great comment. He defines messy. Oh yea, he blew Jimma out of the water long ago. Yet Carter is still out there trying. Between the two of them, they’ll have some legacy. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Jimma will become the first suicide bomber. (its about the best we could hope for from him.)

      Yea, he acts like its just a another family feud. I guess it is to the Kenyan. That’s a good idea, now that Ramadan is past, they could put on a bash. And get the illegal aunt and the drunk. Even the brother in Kenya sounds normal compared to them. LMAO horseshoes and lawn jarts. But only plastic knives.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, LMAO…damn…I forgot about the bro’s crossover for horse shoes being lawn jarts. WTF is it with them having to stab something even in a game????? What…did lawn darts originate in Shitcago???

        They gave corn hole a chance, but too many suffered from PTSD from being gangsters and getting shot by bean bags! It wasn’t a happy family gathering….. 😀


        • Davetherave says:

          Sorry if that sounds racist (well…actually I don’t give a shit), but that comment is funny as hell! If folks can’t laugh at that, they just need to get out here!!! 🙂


        • Bullright says:

          Dave, good one.
          LOL “not a happy gathering”. Well, probably didn’t invite any Repubs. or they’d have had “a blast”. (Chicago style of course) You know the bro-with-no-fro can’t throw anyhow.


          • Davetherave says:

            Bull, “can’t throw”…well…he can throw a baseball like a 10 year old girl. Have you ever seen more of a pansy when he did that????? O’Bastard makes me long for Putin to be our president!! At least Putin is a man that likes the opposite sex…


            • Bullright says:

              Dave, yea but he tries to make up for it in jump balls and rim shots. Hey, not too loud now, they had a girl in the little league world series that could pitch like a champ. I think it was a 70 mph fast ball. So he’s in bad shape. 🙂 Putin still got a favorability too, he’s not the butt of jokes. (sorry, pun again)


  3. Hardnox says:

    In other words… he’s not going to do anything about it. Hopefully some other country does because he doesn’t want his anti-war base pissed at him.

    This mess is his creation. It is way past time he is called on it.



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