Debbie takes mud pit tour

Scott Walker’s Democratic Challenger Distances Herself From Debbie Wasserman Schultz ‘Backhand’ Comments

Patrick Howley | Daily Caller – 09/04/2014

Scott Walker’s Democratic gubernatorial opponent Mary Burke is backing away from Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s comment that Walker has “given women the back of his hand” and is “grabbing us by the hair.”

Wasserman Schultz said Wednesday in Milwaukee that Republican Wisconsin Gov. Walker assaults women with his policy positions, including opposing a minimum wage hike.

Scott Walker has given women the back of his hand,” Wasserman Schultz said. “I know that is stark. I know that is direct. I know that is reality.

What Republican tea party extremists like Scott Walker are doing is they are grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. It is not going to happen on our watch.

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There she goes again. Now she not only offends normal people but candidates in her own Party. I’m sure she thought about those remarks before she made them.

Sounds to me like DWS declared her own war on men. (or mankind) Maybe the attempt was to cause such a backlash against her statement so she could claim how nasty others are? We’ve reached a new low in politics even for Democrats. Stark, direct, reality?

7 comments on “Debbie takes mud pit tour

  1. Well, nobody said DWS was a clean person. She might look clean on the outside but the inside “yuck”.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Bull, I agree with lafayetteangel that Debbie Does Dallas is yuck on the inside, but last time I checked she was pretty damn yuck on the outside as well!! 🙂 Oh damn; does that make me a sexist??? And once again…I don’t give a damn.

    Debbie puts the brilliant shine on a turd. OK; now Repukes are cavemen. That’s a new one and I bet she’s damn proud of coming up with that all by lonesome. It’s the little things that matter when a person is such a f*cking moron like DWS.


    • Bullright says:

      Dave, now I now that Lafaeyttangel does make a very persuasive case. There’s a song involving a fiddle and a devil that comes to mind. Well, if you’re a sexist its a dang site better than what Debbie fibby called you. (all of us) I can’t think of a term with the suffix “ist” to explain her though. May have to revert to Queen Moonbat.

      And you’re right, she paints a harsh picture. But as much as finally someone had to distance theirself from her, I wonder how many of her comrades will agree with her? She’s just the designated drive-by shooter. I bet she’s got that one chronicled near the top.


  3. Bullright says:

    Debbie back peddles but does not apologize. Makes you wonder what words she would have used? Oh, Debble you are special.



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