Obama seeks doctrine of revision

…to turn back the hand of time.

So on the eve of 9/11, Obama takes to prime time to announce his supposed plan against ISIS, which he calls ISIL. He could have given this speech at any time in the last 9 months. He didn’t and made it on this particular day, after his dwindling poll numbers came out.

I won’t even give it a word for word reply because there is really nothing new. But he did say, once again, that ISIS is not an Islamic organization. Nope, it’s not..it’s not! That came early in his slithering rhetoric so it could have muted anything after.

But there is one other point that deserves mention. He said this action is designed to save and help those displaced by ISIS. Its too late, ISIS did that months ago. He watched it, or maybe he didn’t read those briefings? But now that the damage is done, he promises continued humanitarian aid. I bet they wished help would have really came to prevent what ISIS did. He did have an answer, someone said thank you, America, for coming. That was supposedly for his help earlier on Mt. Sinjar. (aid and persuade campaign)

“We cannot allow these communities to be driven from their ancient homelands,” Obama said.

How can you return to a burned home, or without the family that were slaughtered? Of course that was the whole idea of ISIS to be so brutal as to drive the people out for good. Message received. But Obama, always late to the game, now offers them cordial sympathies and promises of hope. Be careful about Obama’s promises of hope.

He spoke quite literally the way Democrats do about war strategy. The saying is that they are always fighting the last war. In this case, Obama was making a speech on a commemorative eve of the 9/11 attacks. Or that was supposed to be the backdrop. But that backdrop is of being attacked, and then there was the attack on his watch in Benghazi.

Was it an attempt to rehabilitate his image and indeed the day? Maybe. A day which two years earlier he wished to erase. A day that came at the worst time of his presidency, campaign eve of reelection. And a day which he wanted to ignore even before the Benghazi attack happened. If anything became clear, it was that Obama wanted no part in either Iraq, or the war on terrorism. What do you know, they both showed up in the same place. What are the chances?

Then he had for a year ignored the problems in Syria, after laying down a red-line which he himself ignored. He wasn’t interested in that and Putin gave him an out. His lack of attention on Iraq did not go unnoticed either. The original ISIS, an off chute of al Qaeda in Iraq was driven from Iraq in the war. It festered in Syria and gained traction during the civil war before moving right in to Iraq.

One can say it was albeit a direct creation of Obama, and his policies. Democrats resist the temptations, they say, at extended stays in countries. So be it. They claim they are not against justified actions in countries though. But we saw their prototype version in action in Libya. And it was a stunning failure. Another thing Obama immediately ignored. Our enemies didn’t. His Libyan adventure laid the groundwork for Benghazi.

Obama had already forgotten about Libya prior to the Benghazi attack. It was in the rear view mirror. And Biden told us, if we were looking for a bumper sticker, which Dems undoubtedly were, it was that “Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive.” (even if GM was on life support) Who cares about details? Their message sold, evidenced by how many Dems repeated it ad nausea. Whether it is true or not never mattered to them. Success in a soundbite over success on the battlefield.

Now he says he is going to counter a “warped ideology” which earlier he denied was real. He has not lacked opportunities to counter it. We had Christians slaughtered across the Mid East. They were driven almost completely out of Iraq. The black-flag Islamists marched across the ME. He may be the only one in the world willing to claim it is not Islamic. I said before he should leave the apologetics to Islamic scholars, who do not dispute the point. That they are killing Muslims, too, means exactly what? If this is his answer to evil, to revise it, then I question and reject everything about it.

RightRing | Bullright

12 comments on “Obama seeks doctrine of revision

  1. Davetherave says:

    Nice writing Bull. Barry says a mouthful, while saying and doing nothing at all. Nothing good would be more to the point. His awesome ME achievements include intervention in Egypt (still having a civil war). intervention in Libya (still having a civil war), actually aiding ISIS to overthrow Assad in Syria (still having a civil war), leaving Iraq for easy cherry picking (having a civil war), putting all our troops in Afghanistan on the Pakistan border and letting Afghan go right back to hell and allowing the barbaric butchers known – at least today as ISIS – run rough shad all over the damn place slaughtering Christians. Awesome job Barry. Really awesome!

    Barry saying ISIS is not an Islamic organization reminds me of another lying Dem the liptards love so much…Billy Bob Clinton who “did not have sexual relations with Monica!!”

    P.S. Sorry, forgot to add that Barry is also allowing Iran to develop nukes….


    • Davetherave says:

      Bull, I’d like to add more to my comment.

      Barry said he’d “degrade and destroy” ISIS, but gave no specifics. Republicans are ragging his ass for not giving specifics. I’m no the fence with that situation.

      I understand the Repukes (and many regular folks) having the impossible task of believing a word Barry says and that’s well justified. At the same time; if the Lameass In Chief actually does have a military option from the Pentagon, do we want it publicly announced? Shall we give everyone all the details of our military plans???

      I hate Barry for putting my brain in this position!!!!


      • Bullright says:

        Dave, exactly, i don’t want him spilling the beans either. He already outed a station chief in Afghanistan. However, he could do more to paint the picture of a real strategy. His writers have never had to do that outside political elections though. (they could be vague about hope and change)

        So no, I don’t want and Repubs shouldn’t want that either. Hell, Islamists have already intercepted aid and supplies from Somalia to Syria. That was just on the fly.

        But that is exactly where credibility and character of the office come in. And he has huge deficits in both. Plus his top adviser leaks like a sieve anyway. There is another but: he goes out of his way to explain detail about what he won’t do which is also a problem. So it gnaws at my gut too, but he has no trust or credibility at all. That is the bigger problem. Not to forget the CIA boss, Muslim sympathizer, is still denying the caliphate plot. Some help he’ll be on keeping hush.


      • Bullright says:

        Dave, you reminded me of the France fake out strategy in WWII. Funny, Barry has no problems lying to us for personal gain.


    • Bullright says:

      Well, you covered the real legacy there, the one no one is supposed to notice. His Yemen and Somalia prototype is, well, earth shattering. And Islam has nothing to do with any of it. He should do a late night routine….real late. Yea the nukes, and I suppose next he’ll deny Iran is a theocracy. (or maybe Kerry will do that)


    • Bullright says:

      Oh Dave, can you imagine if Jefferson said: “Now the first thing I’m going to do is tell them they are not Muslim and they are not Islamic. You know, that just might work.”


  2. Bullright says:

    Dave, maybe I have an answer to this little quandary over information. Since the military has its plans. have ol’ dill weed as removed from the details as possible. And don’t count on him to read the briefings either. Just a thought. I don’t know if we’ve ever been in this position before.


    • Davetherave says:

      Bull, where do I begin? If Paul Revere were alive today he’d be riding around the country crying “Obama is coming!”.

      This is the worst frigging mess I’ve ever seen our country entangled. Dipshit In Chief is now trying to catch up and raise up his poll numbers – sorry Barry too late – and he’s still f*cking clueless what to do with ISIS without looking like a traitor to ISIS!!

      Ya’ make a good point about leaving Barry out of the loop and that wouldn’t take much effort on anyone’s part. The real problem is leaving Valerie The Conqueror out of loop. Barry is now a metaphor for “a day late and a dollar short”…”Johnny come lately”…”the backdoor boys” 🙂 ” and is synonymous with Benedick Arnold. Of course I could leave off the Bene and the Arnold and you’re left with you know what to describe Barry…. 😀


      • Bullright says:

        Dave, I didn’t think of Valerie. Dang, that’s a problem. I was reading some polls and we aren’t alone. The whole country is p/oed at just about everything. His little fifteen-minute prime time reminder ain’t going to fix it either. Too late is right. He was more worried about his va-k’s and his Tee-times. (there isn’t a roll of duck tape big enough for Valerie.) He makes Bene look good.


  3. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, Great article.

    I’ve not been around because I’m getting ready for my trip. But wanted to make a comment b4 I leave tomorrow.

    His speech was nothing but for political purposes. He saw his poll numbers drop into the toilet and thought he’d raise them with this ridiculous and pathetic speech. He’s a year late.

    And he’s going to get whoever attacks Americans? In 2 yrs he has got one of the Benghazi culprits and now they don’t think they have enough to prosecute him. But he should be in Gitmo.

    And what was the crap after? A great economy eh? He wants us to help him once again leading from behind. He has 9 countries who have promised nothing because they don’t trust him. Bush had a coalition of either 48 or 58 countries. Bush went to Congress for permission.

    He will bomb Syria in a month maybe? How many believe that. Haven’t we heard that red line before?

    His speech stunk like a skunk.


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, you nailed the sentiments exactly. I just knew politics was a big factor, if not only. Then economy stuff came right out of nowhere. So, that was the target audience he was speaking to?

      Yes, and his self-created problems are getting worse by the day. One guy from Benghazi. I know they will blow that one. The ship could have dropped him right off at Gitmo, signed sealed delivered. But maybe Obama was going to use him and his Justus program as a DNC fundraiser, I dunno?

      He even mentioned Ebola in there. So once you separate all the trash out of it, we’re left with nothing but a prime time hole where something should have been. He gets a photo-op on TV of him looking and talking tough on the eve of 9/11. (to replace him being MIA in 2012)

      Hope your trip is a great one.



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