Johnathon Turley names the IS overseas contingency

Operation Voldemort: The War Which Must Not Be Named

October 7, 2014 by jonathanturley

There is an interesting dimension to the ongoing circumvention of the Constitution over our latest undeclared war. While some Administration officials are finally calling our attacks in Syria as a “war,” the discomfort over defining this indefinite campaign has led to equal discomfort over naming it. After two months of airstrikes and statements that the campaign will likely go on for years, the Administration still have not named this war. The choice would now seem obvious: Operation Voldemort, the war which must not be named.

Usually, the military loves to give inspiring names to its campaigns, though sometimes the name can reveal a bit of insecurity like “Operation Just Cause” in Panama — a name that only seemed to amplify the questions of the legality or legitimacy of the invasion.


Source reference: Wall Street Journal

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Name that operation, not that this administration is listening to anything.

He has it right, they purposely do not want to name it. They might be as divided over that as they are everything else? The Joint Chiefs could name it and Obama would say “no, I don’t like it.”

I suggested another alternate name could be “Operation Denial” – keeping it simple. They deny we are at war with those we deny we are at war with, who hold beliefs they deny… against what they deny is a problem, in a place they deny could be a problem. So Obama and the left are at war with their denial.

Or I thought another could be Obama’s ‘Operation: IS Not’. (I do like that one.) But notice they have no problem naming the Ebola mission. Maybe what we really need is a name for Obama’s Oval Office Occupancy Operation? Or maybe just ask ISIS what name they’d like, since Obama is willing to use the ISIL name or whatever name they choose to use? Notice their name is allowed to offend anyone. In fact, it is supposed to.

What about “Operation Nobel Peace Prize”?

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