Now you can take or leave what he says, I’m not confirming it, but he has a pretty good summary of this nation over the years. He makes a good case about our condition.

(midway it gets pretty good)

6 comments on “Prophecy

  1. There have been some other prophets, who predicted stuff like this. It seems feasible to me.


    • Bullright says:

      Yea, I agree, He makes the case for prophets in today’s times. (why not) I particularly like his style of speaking – approach. Makes the medicine go down that much more credible. He’s not way out on a tangent. It’s basic and pretty rational to me. But he doesn’t carry water for what they are doing in many churches. I doubt he would have been Jim and Tammy Baker’s biggest fan. He’s not posturing, and not politically correct.

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