Guess who’s words these are?

“failure to prepare for emergencies can have devastating consequences.”

“We learned that lesson the hard way after Hurricane Katrina,”

“This nation must not be caught off-guard when faced with the prospect of an avian flu pandemic. The consequences are too high. … The question is will we be ready when that happens? Let’s make sure that answer is yes. I urge my colleagues in the Senate and the House to push this administration to take the action needed to prevent a catastrophe that we have not seen during our lifetimes.”

Bingo, it’s the One and Only, Barack Obama — Senate floor 2005, on his favorite topic.

Read more at WND — Obama accused of facilitating terrorism

Hat/tip to Lafayette Angel

4 comments on “Guess who’s words these are?

  1. Hardnox says:

    Well, no shit Sherlock. I wonder if the asshat-in-chief ever remembers what he said?

    We’ve been in an emergency situation since January 2009.


  2. […] Guess who’s words these are? […]



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