Then and now — 2008 vs. 2014

2008 HoR map

2008 HoR map

2014 HoR map

114th Congress

Also see National Journal

On Friday, Pelosi said,

“I don’t consider it a wave. I think it’s an ebb — an ebbing of Democratic voters rather than a wave of Republican voters, because I don’t think the American people gave anybody a great big seal of approval.”

waving photo: Waving handwave.gif

waving photo: waving smiley smileywave.gif


Then how about a great big seal of disapproval?

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6 comments on “Then and now — 2008 vs. 2014

  1. Just Gene says:

    Since an ebb wave is small and micro means small maybe the dems got microwaved.


  2. Hardnox says:

    Wow… I’m guessing this isn’t the “Hope & Change” King Putt had in mind.

    Pelosi is a certifiable idiot. She, and a few others on her team, are brain-dead enough to keep shining the turd in the punchbowl.


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