Gruber confesses truth on Obamacare

Gotta love when truth goes viral

Let’s see, now we have intentional deception, what is that called again? Oh yea, lying.
We knew it, Gruber only confirms it. And Liberals all defend it.

Deception is the order of business and considered the process in Washington.

So: Yes, we had to torture the language to deceive people. Yes, we went to great lengths to be nontransparent. Don’t you people appreciate it? Face it, lack of transparency is a huge political advantage for the elite ruling class.

We’d rather have the law than any truth or transparency. Truth is the enemy. And no, we shouldn’t have to answer for it either…we got what we wanted. Now be happy about it and shut up. You are too stupid to understand.

And that was only the beginning of the law to get it off the ground.
Whatever it takes to get what they want.

July 2014 — Look at the way he lies. He’s Obamacare personified.

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8 comments on “Gruber confesses truth on Obamacare

  1. Bullright says:

    More lies

    Maybe another name would be Deceptivecare.


  2. Mrs. AL says:

    Couldn’t you just spit? I was so enraged when I first saw this report, Mary in LA should be shaking in her boots.

    So what should be the response from conservatives in Congress, Bullright. Interested in your thoughts.


    • Bullright says:

      Mrs AL, nice to see you commenting. Oh Mary is going to be quite contrary before its over. I was upset but its nothing we didn’t know, it just displayed the arrogance they all have.

      I’d say repeal it, but that isn’t going anywhere. It will make them own it, though. They all supported the “ideal” of O-care before, now they have to support the thing that is and all they did to get it.(they’re 2 different things) So target it in chunks on a parallel track. Important to keep it from expanding, revising, and amending itself further(from within) Go after the mandate and the bureaucracy especially.(the board) Funding too and cut it off in pieces. Then we are going to have to deal with the bailout that will be on the doorstep from Ins. co. That’s where we can dig in. (I’ve been told I am a little out of the box, so I’m sure I can think of some creative ‘campaigns’ against it)

      If they think people are stupid let them explain/defend all the tactics and process they used to create this Frankenstein. Dems will be so anxious to ‘move on’ to the next election it ain’t funny. And people want that kind of slop on illegals, from the same people?

      But what’s amazing is this is the perfect illustration for how we got here, and they admit any means toward the end. What rules and process? But here we are now tasked to doing everything the proper way to deal with it. Isn’t that a peach?


  3. Bullright says:

    Random thought: They based all their extraneous actions and planning on us liking it in the end. But people don’t, and it hasn’t fully kicked in yet. That’s their holy grail – our tolerance and inevitable acceptance. (sounds familiar) Barack Obama based all his campaign hope on the presumption that we would like him no matter what he did to get there or since, whatever twisted means he used. But check the approvals and it isn’t so.


  4. Hardnox says:

    The real truth about all of this is the the Left knows we’re not stupid otherwise they wouldn’t have needed to lie and deceive in the first place.

    Yesterday it was reported that Gruber received $450K to write this abortion then was paid another $295K to help sell it. All of it taxpayer money.

    This is fraud of the highest order and Gruber et al need to be prosecuted for it.

    Paging Rep. Trey Gowdy…


  5. Bullright says:



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