Sci-fi and the Obamanation of America

Science fiction can make for some good entertainment and food for thought. These days that seems more like what we see coming out of the White House and Washington.

Pushing the envelope of the unknown, flirting with the bizarre, even supernatural. Throw in a ounce or two of rationality, and build the suspense and you probably have a riveting sci-fi movie. The plot lines aren’t always predictable and you build a relationship with the characters. You may walk away saying something like that could happen, or maybe nothing like that would happen here. In both you could be right.

We wouldn’t have thought this experiment of Obama fundamentally changing the country could go this far. And you might have chills at what lies ahead for us. And where are those one or two bold people to come along who see the threat that it is, and devise a scheme to stop it and save the nation?

It has all the elements of sci-fi though: the unknown, danger, the lack of control., pending doom. The narrative could just as well be aliens invading from Mars and taking over the power supply, or anything you think up. It’s still has the same eerie sensation to it.

We are set on a dangerous course, getting worse every day, while some people go around acting as if everything is normal. No one can convince them that disaster is pending right around the corner, they don’t accept that. And they think you are crazy for even suggesting it. Well, you know how those stories go.

It doesn’t have to involve mind control or zombies or anything. You have an apathetic and complacent populace that doesn’t see or understand the problem, who certainly deny it anyway. A typical challenge would be two-fold: convince people of the real danger; and fighting to overcome the inevitable doom. Like fighting an insidious evil, while others laugh as if it doesn’t exist, as if it were all just an imaginary foe. So the solution then is to overcome the fierce danger in spite of naysayers.

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