Landrieu down and out

Cassidy defeats Landrieu in Louisiana Senate race, bolstering GOP majority in new Senate


BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy has defeated Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu, denying her a fourth term and extending the GOP’s domination of the 2014 midterm elections that put Republicans in charge of Capitol Hill for the final two years of President Barack Obama’s tenure.

With Cassidy’s victory, the GOP will hold 54 seats when the Senate convenes in January, nine more than they have now. Republican victories in two Louisiana House districts Saturday – including the seat Cassidy now holds – ensure at least 246 seats, compared to 188 for Democrats, the largest GOP advantage since the Truman administration after World War II. An Arizona recount leaves one race still outstanding.

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3 comments on “Landrieu down and out

  1. peppermintfarm says:


    I heard on Fox the race was called early because her numbers were so bad. At that time I heard she was losing the race by 34%. Don’t know how it actually came out.

    I’m so glad to see her go down in defeat. It’s better to have one more Repub in Senate. I just hope that once they take the majority in Jan. they actually do something. If they don’t they are toast in 2016.


    • Bullright says:

      Wow Pepp, I hadn’t seen the numbers but if she was down 34% anytime, that is a statement. Ha ha, and all she tried to do to buy votes. This is one opportunity Repubs may not see again. They better not blow it.



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